Insurance Claim Denial Lawyers in Bradenton, Florida

The climate in Florida presents a number of challenges for Florida homeowners. Hurricane damage is a very real problem that can cause a home or other property to become seriously damaged or even uninhabitable. Due to the location of the state between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, Bradenton and other parts of Florida are always at risk for a major storm. The damage to the area where the hurricane makes landfall can be devastating and cause billions of dollars worth of damage within a short period of time. Each individual home may have problems with roof damage, water damage, flooding, and damaged items inside the home. These costs associated with repairs and replacement are normally too high for the homeowner to afford on their own.

This serious risk of damage makes insurance coverage such as a homeowners insurance policy and flood insurance a necessity. People who have mortgages on their homes will be required to carry insurance. Those who are in designated flood zones will need a separate flood insurance policy as well. However, insurance companies often do not follow all of the rules that regulate their industry. There are problems such as claim denials, very low settlements paid out, and excessive delays. Here are several issues that homeowners should review to assist with their claim and getting payment from their provider after a hurricane. Aside from understanding the insurance process, it can also be necessary to retain experienced Bradenton homeowners insurance claims denial attorneys for representation if an insurance company is causing serious issues by refusing to pay out a claim.

Assistance from Bradenton Florida homeowners insurance claims denial attorneys

Once damage happens, the homeowner should document the damage thoroughly and contract their insurance provider as soon as possible. After a homeowner submits their insurance claim to get assistance, there are several things that can go wrong. The homeowner should make sure that their claim has been submitted properly and that the insurance provider has all of the information and documents that they need. Following the required process closely minimizes the possibility that a claim denial or other issues will happen. It is common for insurance claims to be significantly delayed or denied if the homeowner made a mistake when filing. On a related point, insurance companies can also make mistakes after the claim is filed. This can be due to clerical errors or other problems such as a very low damage estimate from an insurance adjuster. It is also more common for insurance companies to make errors and mistakes if they are receiving a large volume of claims and related documentation after a hurricane has affected thousands of policyholders. The homeowner should also be sure that they have submitted claims that correspond to flood damage or other types of property damage, as flooding is covered under a separate type of insurance. Even if the claim is received and processed properly, it is always possible that the insurance company offers a settlement amount that is way too low or that the adjuster has made a very low damage estimate. The claim may also need to be appealed for incorrect estimates of damage. Because these potential issues are numerous and they can be difficult to spot, Bradenton Florida hurricane damage insurance claims lawyers are often needed to review the situation and provide advice.

Insurance claims that are denied in bad faith

Bad faith insurance claim denials can happen to homeowners as well. The term bad faith is when an insurer is illegitimately denying a claim through tactics such as fraud, dishonesty, or delaying a claim for so long that it is no longer valid. While this may sound like an egregious act by an insurance company, it is actually a known and regular problem in the insurance industry. Signs that a bad faith denial has happened can include numerous delays, no response from the insurance company, or a settlement offer that seems extremely small. These problems can mean that advice from Bradenton insurance claims denial attorneys is necessary.

From the perspective of the insurance company, they understand that they can save money by denying as many claims as possible, and those who do not get help from hurricane damage insurance claims lawyers in Bradenton may never notice the bad faith denial and file a lawsuit. This lack of accountability can represent a significant amount of savings for an insurance provider over time if several claims are never paid out for this reason. However, if the claimant does get legal assistance and an investigation uncovers bad faith, the insurance company will owe compensation to those who were denied and they may be penalized by the government as well.

Advice from insurance claims lawyers in Bradenton is available

Madalon Law is available to discuss all of these issues with anyone who has recently had insurance claim problems. Their hurricane damage lawyers are able to assist with the process to receive proper payment for an insurance claim and any related matters. People who need immediate help can contact the firm to schedule a meeting and receive guidance during their claim and any necessary appeals or lawsuits.