Insurance Claim Denial Lawyers in Cape Coral

Insurance is a necessary investment for most property, business, and homeowners in Cape Coral. Due to the possibility of severe weather, hurricanes, flooding, accidents, and other kinds of damage, insurance is usually the best kind of protection in an emergency. Insurance can also be a significant financial investment in terms of paying premiums, as those who live in flood zones will need standard homeowners insurance, as well as a separate flood insurance policy. Despite these costs and the expectation that insurance companies will follow all relevant rules and regulations, they are sued for things like unpaid claims and bad faith claim denials regularly.

Those who own property in the state of Florida should review some basic information about the insurance claim process and potential issues that may require legal assistance from hurricane damage lawyers in Cape Coral Florida. If necessary, homeowners insurance claims denial lawyers should be contacted for additional advice. They can attempt to appeal claims, review denials, and see if a larger settlement can be negotiated. Here are a few points about insurance claims that are significant for anyone who is about to file or has recently had their claim denied.

Filing Cape Coral insurance claims and getting assistance from insurance claims attorneys

Insurance claims should be filed as soon as possible after the damage happens. The claimant should also be careful to carefully document all of their damage, and then stay in touch with their insurance company to give them any additional information if necessary. The insurance provider should send an adjuster to review the damage, and then issue funds to the property owner to make repairs within a reasonable time. The claimant should also be aware that they must pay their deductible amount before the insurance company will cover the rest of this damage.

Even if the claimant does everything right during this process, there is the potential for problems to arise. Some insurance companies may attempt to offer a very small settlement to close out the claim and save money. There is the potential for the claimant to receive much less money than they need for repairs if the settlement is accepted, then it may be too late to negotiate a larger amount or file an appeal. It is also possible that the insurance company may simply deny the claim altogether. This can be done for legitimate reasons, such as the type of damage not being covered under the policy or the time limit to file claims has expired. However, there are also situations where an insurance claim has been denied in bad faith. Cape Coral Insurance claims denial lawyers may need to review the situation and provide advice to the claimant regarding the next steps to try to receive the money that they need.

Hurricane damage attorneys in Cape Coral, Florida

Hurricane damage can potentially create problems for homeowners for months or even years following a devastating storm. The property owner will have to document all of their damage, make a claim with their insurance provider, and start to rebuild or replace damage structures. They may need to contact several different companies to get damage estimates. However, even the most motivated of property owners can have issues with significant delays or other problems that prevent them from repairing their property and getting back to normal. Many times, these delays are caused by insurance providers who are attempting to process a large volume of claims following a hurricane that struck the Cape Coral area and other parts of Florida. Unfortunately, these delays may result in the property owner never receiving the proper amount of money for repairs, or they can have other administrative problems when trying to contact their insurance provider and get answers. Some homeowners who wait too long to get a response may be out of luck in terms of getting assistance with their claim.

The purpose of contacting Cape Coral hurricane damage insurance claims lawyers

Insurance claim denials happen for several different reasons, and many times they are not the fault of the homeowner. It is possible that the denial is the result of some kind of clerical error, and the insurance company should be able to detect this error and process the claim properly.

Unfortunately, not all of these problems are discovered by the insurance provider, and further investigation by insurance claims attorneys may be necessary. Problems in the insurance industry are pervasive enough that Florida and other states attempt to regulate this kind of activity to keep providers from mistreating customers.

In the case of a bad faith claim denial in Cape Coral, the lawyer will look for various things to see what the provider has done. If the damage was supposed to be covered and the insurance provider issued a denial, this can result in the insurance company being sued by homeowners insurance claims denials lawyers and made to pay out damages to the claimants affected. Some insurance providers have even faced significant consequences from state governments who can issue fines and revoke insurance licenses if a provider has engaged in illegal activities.

Advice from local Cape Coral insurance claims denial lawyers is available

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