Insurance Claim Denial Lawyers in Port Charlotte

Property damage and the insurance claim process in Port Charlotte

Living in Port Charlotte and other parts of Florida means that there is always the possibility of a hurricane or other kinds of severe weather. These tropical storms and other associated problems such as water damage or flooding can cause a property owner or homeowner to sustain serious losses, and there may be extensive costs associated with repairs and restoring the property to its prior condition. Contacting an insurance provider for financial assistance at this time is the only way for most people to get financial help in this situation, whether the damage is covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy or a flood insurance policy.

These are a few of the most important points regarding insurance claims and the process to get legal assistance with problems such as a claim denial or excessive delays from the insurance company. Additional questions should be directed to hurricane damage attorneys who can provide more detailed advice.

The purpose of an insurance policy on a home

An insurance policy is paid for by a homeowner or a property owner as a form of risk management in case there is an accident or inclement weather that causes significant amounts of damage. The insurance company agrees to cover the damage beyond the policy holder’s deductible costs to help pay for repairs. In some cases, the homeowner can document their damage, follow the relevant procedures to submit a claim, and then they will receive enough money to make the needed repairs. However, there are known problems with the insurance claim process and many homeowners in Port Charlotte find out that it is not so easy or straightforward to get the financial help that they need.

What are insurance claim denials?

An insurance claim denial means that the insurance provider will not provide any financial assistance to the person making the claim, even if they have been paying into their insurance policy. This is a tactic that is commonly used by insurance companies in Port Charlotte and other cities when they need to save money, and the reasons for a claim denial are not always legitimate. To avoid an insurance claim denial, the property owner should be careful to document their property belongings. This is usually done through making an inventory. When a weather event or accident happens, the person should also quickly document the damage, take pictures, get repair estimates, and make immediate repairs to protect the property when necessary. As soon as it is safe and realistic to do so, the insurance company should be contacted to receive notice of the damage and the claim should be formally filed. If the insurance company requires additional information or requests other pieces of information, the claimant should comply quickly and attempt to stay in touch with their insurance provider. However, even following these rules there is no guarantee that the insurance company will act honestly.

Talking with a hurricane damage attorney in Port Charlotte after a claim

Hurricane damage insurance claims attorneys provide a variety of services for those who have issues with their insurance provider. It will probably be necessary to review the terms and see what the claimant and the insurance company did following the initial claim. It is possible that either the company or claimant could have made crucial mistakes. There could have also been errors in the damage estimates made by the adjuster who viewed the property. It can be difficult for a homeowner to have the time and resources to review all of this information on their own. The insurance claims attorneys may need to help with settlement negotiations after money for repairs is offered, or the insurance company can be named as a defendant in a lawsuit if the situation requires additional legal action.

Bad faith homeowners insurance claims denials attorneys in Port Charlotte

A homeowner in Florida may have a difficult time if they have experienced a bad faith insurance claim denial. An insurance provider may insist that the person is not eligible for any financial assistance, even when they followed all of the procedures to file the claim properly and they have a relevant policy in place. When this happens, it is illegal and the homeowner is entitled to receive the money they need to make repairs. However, many times bad faith claim denials are not noticed without legal assistance, as insurance companies tend to give policyholders evasive answers. In these situations, insurance claims denial attorneys may need to track the claim and review the documentation to discover evidence of bad faith. If there is in fact proof that a bad faith claim denial has occurred, the insurance company can face a lawsuit to pay out the amount that was owed to the claimant, and they can face other consequences from the state agency that regulates the insurance industry.

Insurance claims denial lawyers are available in Port Charlotte

Madalon Law is a firm that can handle insurance claim issues in the Port Charlotte area. Their experienced insurance claims lawyers have extensive experience dealing with issues such as claim denials, underpaid claims, and excessive delays of payments. Anyone who has recently experienced damage to their property and needs legal advice can schedule a meeting for assistance.