Insurance Claim Lawyers in Punta Gorda, Florida

Punta Gorda insurance claims and potential issues

Paying for property insurance is necessary for people who own homes and other types of properties in Punta Gorda and other parts of Florida. Homeowners insurance is required when a person has mortgaged their home, and an additional flood insurance policy is required for properties that are located in coastal areas and other flood zones. Even those who are not required by law to purchase insurance may want to do so to protect their investment in their property. This is because making repairs can be expensive, and insurance policies can pay for most or all of the damage in certain situations as long as the damage in question is covered under the policy terms. Despite the costs of paying for the insurance policy, a person’s expectations regarding how their insurance company will help them in the event of an emergency are not always met.

For these reasons, a summary of how the insurance process works and why someone may need to contact Punta Gorda homeowners insurance claims denial lawyers for assistance is crucial for those who have insurance issues.

Hurricane damage attorneys in Punta Gorda

Damage from a major hurricane is the most serious form of property destruction that can happen to homeowners in Florida. The winds can damage the structure’s roof and windows, significant amounts of rainfall can cause flooding, and major storms can cause the entire structure to be uninhabitable or completely destroyed. At these times, homeowners are going to have to turn to their insurance provider for assistance. Hurricane damage claims represent a significant volume of the claims that many insurance companies in the state receive. A large number of claims coming in at once can also be a serious problem for both homeowners and the insurance companies, as this means that there is a greater chance of delays, mistakes processing claims, and other errors that can cost the claimants money. When a homeowner is experiencing these kinds of difficulties, meeting with hurricane damage insurance claims lawyers in Punta Gorda may be one of the only ways to try to resolve the problem.

How insurance claim problems happen

Insurance companies are businesses that are run by people who can make mistakes. The company also attempts to maximize profits by paying out as little as possible. The person filing the claim can also get confused during the claim process and forget crucial steps in the process, causing their claim to get rejected. Unfortunately, problems with insurance claims happen regularly. These issues are common enough that some insurance claims attorneys focus their entire practice on assisting clients with the insurance process and fighting insurance companies in court or during settlement negotiations.

Services from insurance claims denial attorneys in Punta Gorda

Insurance claims are regularly denied for many different reasons. It is possible that the claimant has waited too long, made errors in their filing documents, or they may not have the right type of coverage for the damage that happened. A combination of both homeowners insurance and flood insurance should protect homeowners from most weather related losses and accidents.

There are also situations where insurance claims get denied through no fault of the homeowner making the claim. Insurance companies are businesses, and it is possible that they either made a serious mistake or denied a legitimate claim in order to save money. Hurricane damage insurance claims lawyers in Punta Gorda regularly receive requests to help people who cannot seem to get adequate answers from their insurance company after their claim was filed. The lawyer may need to review all of the claim documentation, the policy in effect, and the actions of the insurance provider to try to find a solution. It is also possible that the insurance company has offered a settlement to the person who filed the claim, but their settlement amount is much too low. The attorney may need to engage in settlement negotiations for the client to try to get a sufficient amount.

Punta Gorda bad faith insurance claim denials

The worst kind of insurance claim denial is when the insurance provider has acted in bad faith. These kinds of denials happen when an insurance company has received a legitimate claim and they are obligated to pay the claimant, yet they refuse to do so for various reasons. The insurance company may even be dishonest and make up an excuse for denying the claim to try to legitimize their actions. Other times, it may be extremely difficult to try to get any kind of response from the insurance provider at all.

If an insurance claim is denied in bad faith, the policy holder has a right to sue their insurance company. The company is bound by the terms of their own policies, and there are also general public policy concerns related to good faith and fair dealing. A civil court may award the person various kinds of damages to help them pay for their losses, or even punitive damages to punish their insurance company for their actions if they acted with malice.

Advice from insurance claims lawyers is available

Madalon Law is a law firm that helps people with insurance claims and property damage issues in the Punta Gorda, Florida area. Anyone who needs additional advice about insurance claims and claim denials can schedule a meeting with the firm. Their attorneys can provide answers during a consultation and they can represent local clients during lawsuits or settlement negotiations with an insurance company.