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Avoid Insurance Bad Faith with the help of the Best Insurance Company Lawyer West Palm Beach, FL

West Palm Beach, Florida is a place where laws put up by the state are designed to help citizens in the best way possible. The perfect example is a set of laws in place that governs how insurance companies should treat their policyholders. These laws dictate exactly what insurance companies should and should not do when dealing with insurance claims. Those who fail to abide by such rules are destined to face severe legal consequences.

What does insurance bad faith mean for insurance companies?

Here in West Palm Beach Florida, those insurance companies who adhere to the level of conduct mandated by the law are termed to act in good faith. However, those insurance companies who fail to do so are said to act in bad faith. In a case of bad faith, an insurance policyholder preserves the right to use legal action and make their voice heard.

What legal action can be taken to combat insurance bad faith in West Palm Beach, Florida?

If any resident of the city of West Palm Beach, Florida feels that its insurance company is failing to adhere to the level of conduct required, they may consider contacting an Insurance Company Lawyer West Palm Beach, FL such as our team at Madalon Law, to learn about their rights and possible remedies. In this case, the policyholder may have the right to sue the insurance company and collect damages. The following situations are few examples of when legal action should be considered against insurance providers:

  1. Improperly denying insurance claims
  2. Underpaying insurance claims
  3. Canceling your policy wrongfully
  4. Acting without keeping your best interest as a policy holder into consideration

Is getting insurance in West Palm Beach, Florida necessary?

In a place such as West Palm Beach, securing property insurance is fundamental. This is because this area is prone to hurricanes, windstorms and other catastrophic events. Therefore, most residents of this locality will want to secure their investments with property insurance. This can range from business owners and commercial enterprises, homeowners and renters, to condominium owners and associations. Buying an insurance policy will give these insurance holders a peace of mind that their investment is sound in case of a covered loss to their property. The insurance policy requires both parties to act in good faith, and the insurance company to pay and protect the insured for any damages incurred in accordance with the policy.

When should a Insurance Company Lawyer West Palm Beach, FL be hired?

When insurance companies breach their code of conduct and do not act in good faith, insurance holders should hire a Insurance Company Lawyer West Palm Beach, FL such as those at Madalon Law. The following scenarios are examples of when legal help through an attorney should be sought:

  • Irrelevant documents and information was requested by your insurance company without explanation
  • Inaccurate or incorrect documents were signed in order to receive money that your are entitled to in your agreement
  • Over a 90 day time period  has occurred since your initial claim was made
  • An undervalued amount has been offered for your loss
  • A valid claim has been denied by the insurance company
  • All letters and phone calls are ignored by the company

Get an Insurance Company Lawyer West Palm Beach, FL from Madalon Law

All insurance holders are entitled to rights mentioned in their policy. Being denied any claim is against the law. Qualified legal help can be sought by contacting our team of professional attorneys at Madalon Law, for protection against companies acting in bad faith.

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