Is Jackson North Medical Center Covering Up a Fatal Accident?

Woman dies after dose of medicine she was allergic to

Leonor Parede was taken to Jackson North Medical Center after complaining of symptoms related to high blood pressure. Relatives are saying that Parede told the paramedics she was allergic to penicillin while they were on the way to the hospital. The family is also claiming she informed the staff about her allergies when she arrived at the hospital.

Once Parede was checked by doctors, they informed the family that she needed antibiotics. The doctors then went ahead and gave her the medication. Shortly after she received the medication, Parede had a severe reaction. Family members say she was sweating profusely, appeared flushed and was burning up. When Parede’s son alerted the doctor that she was allergic to penicillin; the doctor’s surprise reaction made it very clear that a mistake had been made.

Once the bad reaction passed, the doctors went ahead and administered more medication. This time, the reaction seemed even worse. It began with Parede screaming for help, then her blood pressure dropping all the way down to 36. It seems that despite informing multiple people about her allergies, Parede was given penicillin.

Hospital mistake may have resulted in death

The family did their part and told the paramedics and staff about the victim’s allergy. While the woman was at Jackson North Medical Center, she experienced multiple bad reactions – including convulsions after the second dosage of medication. Family members stood by as they watched the woman progressively get worse. Her blood pressure and pulse were dropping and family members were rushing to get doctors. Many believe that the woman was already dead and yet hospital staff members waited hours to give them the bad news.

Once they were given the news of their loved one dying, the family told the staff not to move the body. Unfortunately, the family found out later that the hospital had moved the body the following evening to the coroner’s office and were already performing the autopsy.

Now, the family wants answers. They cannot understand why the hospital allowed the woman to die when they were notified of the penicillin allergies from the very beginning. It seems as though multiple things went wrong, starting with the paramedics possibly not making note of the allergies when they were first informed.

Wrongful death attorneys can help with fatal hospital mistakes

Unfortunately, hospital errors happen more often than people might think. The family did everything that they were supposed to because they informed the hospital that the woman was allergic to penicillin. Penicillin is one of the most common antibiotics provided at a hospital and those who are allergic can have severe medical reactions. The hospital did not do their due diligence in making notes so that penicillin was never given to the woman.

There is nothing that can bring Leonor back to her family. The only thing that can be done now is to seek legal representation in order to help bring justice to what has happened. The family can count on wrongful death attorneys to seek financial compensation to cover the costs of the funeral as well as the loss of a loved one. This will not compensate entirely for their loss, however it will help to seek answers to find out what happened and allow them to move on knowing that justice was ultimately served.