Road Construction Car Accidents in South Florida

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Our legal team sees it all when they drive to and from work. Our team members come from as far as Miami and West Palm Beach and many rely on I-95 to get to the office. While others live in areas like Sunrise, Plantation and Coral Springs and may use I-595, the Florida Turnpike or both. Even though our Fort Lauderdale Law Office is conveniently located in the beautiful Las Olas area, we all know that there is hardly anything convenient about driving in South Florida – especially where there is road construction.


Anyone familiar with Broward County will tell you that there always seems to be construction on I-595, State Road 7 (441) and/or State Road 84. Miami-Dade County is even worse. From the Palmetto Expressway to the Golden Glades, it seems Miami has a countless number of highway on-ramps, off-ramps and overpasses that are either going through construction now or should be in the near future.

It is obvious that enough wear and tear will eventually damage a road to the point that construction is needed – regardless where the road is. The reason some older South Florida roads may seem in worse condition than older highways in other parts of the U.S. is the unexpected growth of the Miami Metropolitan Area (Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach). No one at the time expected an area that was largely wilderness and swamps to one day become the fourth most populated metropolitan area in the United States. As the population grows, roads must be updated.


Road construction areas have become so common that many people drive through them like they are a regular road. Please keep in mind that nothing could be farther from the truth. Construction sites can often include detours, uneven road conditions, unclear lane or pavement markings, trucks and construction workers. These irregular road conditions can lead to a car accident when there is negligence.

Construction site negligence that may cause an accident can include:

• Construction work that has stirred up dirt and debris to the point of decreasing visibility for drivers.
• Warning sign that is meant to caution drivers of upcoming road conditions is missing or inaccurate.
• Construction debris or material is on the roadway and forces motorists to swerve out of the way and possibly causing an accident.
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