Miami Burn Injury Lawyer

Miami Burn Injury Lawyer: Burn accidents are often categorized as catastrophic due to their effects on the individuals, and the pain you go through in the process may not be that palatable. Depending on the severity of the burn injuries you suffered, your quality of life of life may be affected in some ways.

Do you try to get the compensation for the burn injury; this may be a tough task because you will need a professional to help you with the case. If the burn injuries are due to someone negligence, the experienced Miami burns injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve. We have been working relentlessly to help the victims that are involved in burn injury get their compensation.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Most people think burn injuries can mainly come from the heat source. This may be catastrophic, but many burn injuries result from other sources apart from the heat source. Chemical, electricity, and water can all cause a serious burn injury.

Many accidents can contribute to injuries, including the following:

  • Accidents from Car
  • Household Fires
  • Electrical Accidents
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Truck Accident
  • Defective Product Accidents

And if another party is responsible for any of these accidents, you may be entitled to compensation to cover various medical bills, lost wages and the various pain rooms the burn injuries sustained. The compensation you are eligible to is dependent on the degree of injury, heat source, and other factors.

Burn medical injury bill

Burn injuries attract a high medical bill and debt. Unlike any accident that may get healed on time, burn injuries take a longer time to recover. And if the injuries are so severe, you will need to do grafting from the other skin of your body that is not burnt. And even after all of this medical treatment, you will still be left with disfigurement for the rest of your life.  It not only about the high bills that the accident attracts but the emotional trauma you will go through.

Recovering lost wages and other damages

There are other expenses you may lose when you have a burn injury. Apart from the medical debt, you will also lose sometimes in work if you are working. This means you will be able to pay your hospital bill and be left with a lot of debt.

This mean that pursuing the compensation you are entitled to due to such injury, will allow you to settle the various debt and present and future bills. And the compensation may go beyond that because Your Miami burns injury lawyer will help you get compensation for the following:

  • Caretaker expenses for your children 

    Miami Burn Injury Lawyer

    Miami Burn Injury Lawyer

  • Medication and various medical equipment
  • Travel expenses for your treatment

Damages for emotional distress

Dealing with the psychological problem from a burn injury can be difficult. Our lawyers can help you compensate for that also. And they can be as result of the reality of living with a burn disability for the rest of their life. Financial compensation will also help your family also during this time o burn injury. You can trust your Miami burn injury lawyer to critically analyze the details of the accident to pursue the right compensation for you.

Contact the Experienced Miami Burn Injury Lawyer

Recovering from the burn injury should be your ultimate goal now, and the Miami Burn Injury Lawyer can help you to handle all the difficult aspect of the case you won’t be able to handle on your own. Because dealing with a serious injury like this can be an uphill task, because of the various professional you will need to talk to in the process, from the lawyer from the other side and the insurance company, which won’t want your best interest at heart. This makes it even more important to have a professional to help you. Are your loved ones involved in a burn injury, you should pursue the compensation you are entitled to through the experienced Miami Burn Injury. We stand in the gap for the injured victim to get their compensation, contact us today for a free consultation on your case.



Each year more than 1 million people suffer from burn injuries and an estimated 4,500 Americans die. More than 500,000 burn victims are treated in hospital emergency rooms each year, and approximately 45,000 of these victims require hospital admission.

Burn injuries can occur in several different ways, including when a victim comes in close contact with flame, corrosive chemicals, hot objects, scalding fluids, exposure to radiation and electrocution.

Thermal Burns – This can include flame, radiation, excessive heat from a fired steam, and hot liquids and/or objects.
Chemical Burns – This includes various acids, bases, and caustics.
Electrical Burns – This includes electrical current and lighting.
Light Burns – This includes burns caused by intense light sources or ultraviolet light rays, which includes sunlight.
Radiation Burns – This can come from nuclear sources. Ultraviolet light is also a source of radiation burns.

Burn injuries can have dire consequences that are not limited to but can include partial or complete paralysis, damage to hearing, disfigurement, sight or even brain and spinal cord. Death may even occur in severe cases. If this is due to someone else’s negligence, then it would be considered a wrongful death case.

With serious burn injuries, medical expenses are not only severe, but they can also extend for a long period of time. Loss of income is also a painful outcome of burn injuries if the victim may not be able to work at all, or may be rendered unfit for well-paying jobs.


First-degree burns: These are superficial burns that involve only the epidermis or outer layer of skin. They are the most common and minor of all burns. The skin is reddened and extremely painful, but the burn will heal on its own without scarring within two to five days. There may be peeling of the skin and temporary discoloration.

Second-degree burns: These occur when the first layer of skin is burned through and the second layer, the corium, is damaged but the burn does not pass through underlying tissues. The skin is moist and there will be a deep intense pain, reddening, blisters and a mottled appearance to the skin. These burns are considered minor if they involve less than 15 percent of the body surface in adults and less than 10 percent in children. Second-degree burns will heal themselves and produce very little scarring when treated with reasonable care. Healing is usually complete within three weeks. Second-degree burns covering more than 30% of the body are serious or complex burns.

Third-degree burns: These burns involve all skin layers. These are the most serious of all burns and are usually charred black and include areas that are dry and white. Third-degree burns may be very painful, but some victims feel little or no pain because the nerve endings have been destroyed. This type of burn may require skin grafting. When third-degree burns heal, dense scars form.


Our attorneys understand burn injuries may result in a tremendous amount of pain and emotional trauma. The burn injury attorneys at Madalon Law can help determine if your injury was due to negligence. Contact our Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or West Palm Beach office today for your free consultation.