West Palm Beach Burn Injury Lawyers

West Palm Beach Burn Injury Lawyers: Burn injuries are classified into different degrees; the third and the fourth degree of burn injuries are more severe than the other degree of injuries. The burn can cause life-altering injuries and wounds that will cause infections because burn takes a long time to heal; other things the burn can result in are disability and death of the victim. When such is caused as a result of negligence, the experienced West Palm Beach burn injury lawyers will do everything possible to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Burn injuries can occur in several different ways, including when a victim comes in close contact with flame, corrosive chemicals, hot objects, scalding fluids, exposure to radiation and electrocution.

And it can be an uphill task to determine who is responsible for a burn injury most of the time. But our experienced West Palm Beach Burn Injury Lawyers will make sure an investigation is done to know the cause of the fire accident. In a car accident, for example, the burn may not necessarily be due to the party that caused the crash. The manufacture of the automobile or the part of the car may be the real cause of such fire. Various burn injuries may be a result of chemicals or fire. Fire can be a result of various factors, such as wrong wiring of the house, or company, a broken power line, or a leak of flammable fluids.

Damages arising from burn injuries include:

  • The medical bills of the present and the future
  • Pain
  • Disfigurement and scars
  • Disability or physical impairment
  • Loss of life

And every other damage under the Florida law

Classification of Burns

Burn degrees have different financial implications. They are classified based on the cause and how severe the injuries are. The few common injuries we have are electrical burns, chemical, and thermal burns. The one caused by an external source of fire is called thermal, and it raises the temperature of the skin and burns the tissues under the skin. The chemical burns are from the mixture of solvents, Alkali, and metal that can cause burning of the skin or every part of the body they are in contact with. When an electrical current passes through the body of the victim, such a burn is called an electrical burn.

Degrees of Burns

Apart from the cause of burn injuries, they are also classified based on the levels. 

West Palm Beach Burn Injury Lawyers

West Palm Beach Burn Injury Lawyers

  • The first degrees: of burn only affect the outer part of the skin. The skin is red, and the skin may undergo some pain, but we don’t have a blister on the skin, it’s the least burn injuries. The first degree is just like the sun burns.  
  • Second degree:  The second degree affects the epidermis of the skin, or so they go into the second layer of the skin. The second-degree burn is very painful and will have a blister.
  • Third degree: The third degree burns the skin and can even affect the muscles and the bone. The burn is very disastrous the skin appears white. The pain is much but, in extreme conditions, pain is not felt because the nerves that can feel the pain are destroyed already.

The severity of the burn is also determined by the surface area affected. So the surface determines how severe a burn can be classified.

Minor burns

  • <10% of total body surface area in an adult
  • <2% full thickness burn

Moderate burns

  • 10-20% total body surface area in an adult
  • 5-10% of the total body surface area in the young or elderly
  • 2-5% full-thickness burn

Major Burns

  • >20% total body surface area in an adult
  • >10% total body surface area in the young or old
  • >5% full thickness burn

Minor injuries can be treated at home. Moderate can be dealt with at a regular hospital, but the major injuries are taken to a specialist hospital.

Burn Treatment

Burns can cause damage to the skin of the victims. According to medical professionals, they classified burn injuries as one of the most painful injuries you can have. They are susceptible to a lot of infection because the various skins that can protect the wound have been burnt already. About 10,000 people are reported to die annually due to burn-related injuries. For such burn to be operated, various tissues in the skin will have to be removed. If the injury gets to the point that it cannot be healed, skin grafting will have to be done. Grafting involves taking skin from the area that is not burnt to replace the area that is burnt already. And you will have to undergo some therapy to minimize the scars you have on the skin. In children, skin grafts may have to be replaced as the child grows, since the grafts will not expand.

What is the outcome of the Treatment?

This has been a lot of improvement in the treatment of burn injuries in recent times because the victim can now have their injuries healed in little time. Today victims with almost 90 percent burns can still survive. However, the victims still have some emotional and financial challenges. They will have to spend months in the hospital. And the survival of such a burn can go through years of scarring and disfiguring. The medical bill and the loss of the job can also have a lot of effect on the victim.

Selecting a West Palm Beach Burn Injury Lawyers

If you are involved in a fire accident, it’s crucial you contact lawyers who have a broad knowledge of taking up legal cases of victims who are affected by burn injuries. Our West Palm Beach Burn Injury Lawyers understand how difficult it is to get compensation when involved in burn injuries. We are well respected with years of experience to help you pursue your case. We have a track record of helping the victim get their compensation in the past, and we are sure that your case will be a success. Contact us today for a free consultation on your case.