If you or someone you love has been injured in an auto accident in Cooper City, hiring a Broward car accident attorney will be your biggest help in fighting your claim for personal injury. Seeking an experienced legal team to help you after your unfortunate event can be the most important decision you have to make.

Being in a car accident can be a very trying experience. Many accident victims are left with enormous hospital bills, an inability to handle even the most simple of everyday responsibilities and pressures from work for both missing days due to injury and/or hospital visits.

By contacting the Cooper City accident attorneys at Madalon Law, you can help to avoid not be able to receive the just compensation for your injuries that you deserve. The legal team of Madalon Law will help you with all aspects of your auto accident, including making a claim for personal injuries, getting your vehicle repaired and dealing directly with the insurance companies on your behalf. There are many things involved in making a claim for personal injury that many people are unaware of. Insurance companies bank on the fact that victims will not retain legal counsel and fail to do one of the smaller things necessary, and in essence, providing them with an ‘out’ from having to pay you for your injuries. Do not allow a minor paperwork issue to keep you from your recovery from the insurance company. Contact the Cooper City auto accident attorneys at Madalon Law and we will gladly go over your case with you at no cost with a free consultation.


Cooper City is a located in Broward County, Florida, and is named after its founder, Morris Cooper, who founded the city in the 1950’s. The city is sprawled over seven square miles and has a population of over twenty-seven thousand residents. Cooper City has been rated as one of the top ten towns for growing families by multiple publications. Unfortunately, with every positive thing that Cooper City has to offer, there are the same negative aspects to it that every major city must endure, such as auto accidents.


In the United States, an alarming amount of people are either injured or killed in auto accidents every single day. According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, there were 714 deaths for occupants of passenger cars, 222 deaths for those in pickup trucks, 235 deaths for SUV passengers and 69 deaths in vans, totaling a nearly unbelievable amount; 527 total deaths for known vehicle types and a startling 1,241 total for all vehicle passengers. As shocking as these numbers are, these numbers are the statistics for the state of Florida alone.

If you were involved in a car accident in Cooper City, contact the Broward accident attorneys at Madalon Law for your free consultation.  Madalon Law also has locations in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach – fighting for the injured throughout the State of Florida.