It is very difficult to escape the reality which is shown to us far too often here in South Florida when it comes to reckless drivers. You can simply be on the road for a short period of time and witness cars flying by and changing lanes without the use of turn signals; quick pauses at four-way intersections, and continuous use of cell phones and other electronics while driving. It goes without saying that these are dangerous practices while driving a motor vehicle, but they can be seen on a daily basis throughout the Lauderdale Lakes roadways. In addition to those horrible habits, drivers have many other roadway hazards, which continuously force them to deal with uneven roadways, construction sites along major highways everywhere, and heavy traffic during certain hours because of a large number of other motorists who share the same roadways.

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Lauderdale Lakes is called home by just over thirty thousand people. Not being large in population does not exclude this city from dealing with some of the larger surrounding cities are faced with every day. Lauderdale Lakes is in close proximity to Fort Lauderdale and Miami; two of South Florida’s largest cities in population. However, this small town experiences many problems with auto accidents on a daily basis. Whether it’s because people are traveling through, using roadways in Lauderdale Lakes, or just common issues associated with auto accidents, this city experiences the unfortunate troubles on the roadways here as well.

Nothing is worse than getting close to your final destination and suddenly your vehicle is struck by another person. The shock that can take place immediately following the impact of your auto accident can leave you physically and emotionally shaken. The auto accident attorneys at Madalon Law encourage everyone to be as informed as possible on the process that follows a sudden and unfortunate collision.


Some important steps that can be taken at the scene to help with filing a personal injury claim if you or a loved one were injured includes:

  • Assess any obvious injuries to all parties involved
  • Contact authorities as quickly as possible and have a police report made of the accident
  • Taken photos of the accident scene if it is feasible to
  • If needed, get evaluated by EMS, and if your injuries are severe, go to the hospital immediately
  • Contact legal assistance as soon as you are able to and preserve any and all documents from your accident


The legal team at Madalon Law understands that auto accidents can be traumatic experiences, and they handle every case with sympathy and empathy. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, contact Madalon Law today and set up your free consultation to discuss your legal options.