The City of Oakland Park is located in Broward County and boasts a population of approximately 42,000 residents in an area of just 8 square miles. Bisected by the Florida East Coast Railway and Dixie Highway, and adjacent to the burgeoning Wilton Manors, Oakland Park is a growing community with increasing commuter needs every year. While this economic growth is a great benefit to residents there, it also comes with an increase in car accidents in the area.

Car accidents on Oakland Park roadways may cause devastating injuries and significant property damage, with extensive financial and emotional costs. Florida laws have been enacted to ensure that the financial burden of these collisions does not fall on innocent victims. According to Florida law, the person at fault – who is responsible for causing the accident – can be held liable for all losses related to the crash. An experienced car accident attorney can help to protect victims’ rights and impose this responsibility on those at fault.


 Unfortunately, many South Florida drivers engage in dangerous and negligent behaviors behind the wheel. Some factors likely to cause preventable car accidents include:

  • High speeds – Speed-related crashes are some of the most common injury accidents on Florida roadways. The majority of these crashes involve at least one car going over the posted limit, while others involve speeds too fast for existing road conditions.
  • Distracted driving – Cell phones, texts, in-car entertainment, and navigation systems have increased the incidence of distracted driving.
  • Impaired driving – Often, drivers who get behind the wheel with drugs or alcohol in their systems are the cause of serious accidents. Many late-night and weekend Car Accidents are caused by impaired drivers.
  • Aggressive driving – Heavy traffic such as that experienced by rush-hour commuters may lead some drivers to engage in dangerous behaviors, such as tailgating, refusing to allow other drivers to merge, and repeated unsafe lane changes.
  • Fatigue – Drowsy driving is a major threat to highway safety. Even if a driver does not fall asleep behind the wheel, fatigue can greatly increase reaction times, which can lead to a collision.

In any collision in which a driver broke the law or engaged in a type of careless behavior, that driver can be held legally responsible for the damage that he or she caused. If you were injured in a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you can sue for compensation for medical bills, repair or replacement of your vehicle, missed work during recuperation, and even lost potential income if you suffered permanent disability due to the crash.


If you have suffered injuries in any kind of collision, it is imperative that you understand your legal rights. Florida law regarding car accidents is complex, and the deadline for filing a claim can be short. You should speak to an experienced Oakland Park car accident attorney as soon as possible after your incident. Contact the Broward accident attorneys at Madalon Law today for a free evaluation of your case.