Fatal Fall on Carnival Cruise is Just Another of Many Cruise Ship Accidents

When you go on a cruise ship, you anticipate having the vacation of a lifetime. This is not the case with a 39-year-old male when he boarded the Carnival Magic. He fell from his cabin balcony one evening and landed three decks below – being pronounced dead soon afterwards. Accidents and fatalities may seem to be rare on cruise ships, though this is not actually the case and occur more often than one might think.

Injuries on a Cruise Ship

By law, cruise lines are only required to report accidents to the state where the ship operates. Canadian professor of sociology, Ross a Klein, spent over 300 days on cruise ships over the span of 10 years. He noted that there were major discrepancies between what the cruise ship industry told the general public in comparison to what he observed.

Some common issues found on cruises include loss of power, fires, and people falling overboard. Other issues that have happened include ship abandonment drills, though the ships are rarely abandoned, which means that the staff are not truly prepared. Additionally, from 1972 to 2011, almost 100 cruise ships ran aground and 16 sank.

While you hope to never encounter an accident on a cruise ship, there are some important things to remember if it ever happens. Following these will help to maximize the likelihood of any kind of compensation for your injuries. This includes trying to stay on the ship for as long as possible so that you can return to the United States. Additionally, you want to obtain names and contact information for anyone who witnessed your accident. If you are unable to write them down, have a family member or friend write them down – contact information can include mobile number(s), home number and/or email address. You should also take pictures of where the accident happened. If it was a slip and fall or other type of accident that may have been caused by a tripping hazard, you should make sure to include the hazard in your photos. Additionally, read the terms on your passenger ticket, as they may involve time sensitive requirements. This means that you may have to notify the cruise line of an injury within a specific amount of time.

While the man who fell 3 stories from his balcony is unable to file a lawsuit, a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed by the victim’s family. Wrongful death is when the negligence of a person or company causes the accidental death of a loved one. A family can seek compensation for a variety of different damages that result from a wrongful death. These include loss of family support, pain and suffering, loss of benefits, medical costs, funeral expenses and more.

Cruise ships have legal obligations to keep everyone safe on board. When they fail to do this, it is possible to successfully litigate the injury or wrongful death in order for you to obtain financial compensation. Feel free to contact the accident attorneys of Madalon Law and they will gladly answer your questions at no cost.