I truly believe that if more clients took the time to truly evaluate their attorney, they would be much happier in the long run. Your attorney is your only voice throughout your case. You are placing an enormous amount of trust in this stranger so you deserve to know as much as possible about this person. Before you choose an attorney, I encourage you to get to know them.

I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. My father is an honest, hard-working plumbing contractor who values nothing more than character. My father is a man-of-action who leads by example. My mother is a school teacher that gave up her career to raise her family. My mother believes very strongly that character is built on respect and discipline. My mother also leads by example. Talk is cheap to Madalons, only hard-work and results have value to us.

I am the youngest of four children. Education is not an option it is required. My parents sacrificed uncountable amounts to ensure each child had the best education possible. When school was out, my mother tutored us. Each of my brothers and sister are successful professionals with integrity and character because that is how we were raised.

I attended the University of Florida on an academic scholarship for my undergraduate degree in engineering. I was on the dean’s list in the environmental engineering program while playing rugby on the university club team. Rugby is a very rough sport that teaches its competitors many lessons. Rugby taught me the value of sacrifice, teamwork, overcoming personal pain and endurance. Rugby is the sport of today’s gladiators.

I attended Tulane School of Law in New Orleans, Louisiana on an academic scholarship. I worked extremely hard during law school to ensure I could graduate debt free. At times, I worked as many as three jobs (as a judicial extern, a personal trainer and a waiter) while studying full time. I was raised a workhorse and don’t know any other way to be.

While in law school, I volunteered to mentor New Orleans poorest children. I volunteered at the New Orleans Legal Assistance Program to help those who could not afford legal help. I believe justice is for all, not just those who can afford it.

I have had the honor of working for some of the world’s best attorneys in both St. Louis, MO and Miami, FL. I have worked under the best at what they do and hope that one day my associates will say the same of me. I am Joseph Madalon and I would be honored to represent you.