Miami Maritime – Admiralty Lawyers

The waterways in and around the southeastern United States are busier than ever. They are crowded with both pleasure and commercial traffic which sometimes leads to accidents, injuries or other on water mishaps. It is important to consult specifically with a Miami Maritime/Admiralty attorney if you or your company have found yourself in the middle of a waterway dispute. At Madalon Law, we are qualified to litigate maritime cases.

Miami  Maritime Lawsuit – Commercial

Many unfortunate events can happen on the water. If you’re a seaman or longshoreman, (or a family member) this can include a number of different circumstances. Maritime workers are covered by their own set of laws, namely The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. This ensures that employers can fully and effectively take care of their workers who may experience various incidents while working dockside or aboard. Some examples as to where these incidents can occur are navigable U.S. waters, dry dock terminals, piers and wharves, and even marine railways.

Injuries and accidents in commercial casesTypes of commercial events involving accident or injury may, and often should, require a Miami maritime attorney. If you’ve been involved in a vessel collision with (or without) personal injury, you should be seeking a qualified admiralty lawyer in Miami. Likewise, dockside incidents resulting in adversity to an operator or worker should also be guided by a professional. Maritime law is highly specific and differs greatly from land-based accidents. Commercial impact on private citizens in collisions and incidents taking place aboard cruise ships are just one more area where an admiralty lawyer in Miami can support companies or individuals.

Miami Maritime attorneys here at Madalon Law know how to navigate the distinct legalities of waterway based incidents which can be complex in nature. The jurisdictions as to how these cases are brought to a court can vary depending on their composition. Often the U.S. Federal Courts have jurisdiction over navigable waterways, but that is not exclusive. Often, a Miami admiralty lawsuit can be brought to Florida state courtrooms especially if they include personal injury, contents, or cargo damages, and/or boating accidents.

As maritime attorneys in Miami, we can support commercial based incidents like contents spills and pollutants that reach intercoastal or oceanic waterways. We can also support businesses who may have experienced natural disasters resulting in shipping and freight issues.

Miami Maritime Lawsuits – Personal

A Miami maritime lawyer is also knowledgeable about serving private citizens in various waterway situations. Standard, land-based, personal injury cases differ and when you seek a Miami maritime attorney they will understand the nuances of the law and how it impacts you.   Passengers aboard vessels have rights too and knowing them can make your water experience better. Legal proceedings can include boating accidents with other private citizens or commercial vessels. You can also seek legal counsel if you get sick on a commercial vessel, like a cruise ship for instance. If you have been assaulted by someone who works aboard or even another passenger, you should also be seeking a legal course of action. Finally, if you’ve been arrested while navigating in a specific waterway or open water, having a Miami admiralty attorney can give you better results than attorneys who don’t understand maritime laws.

Miami admiralty lawyers help eliminate the ways in which these cases can be stalled. As insurers get involved in legal proceedings and investigations take place, it’s not uncommon for these cases to move incredibly slow. A Miami maritime attorney can help move the process along and often times, at a faster clip.

Tow or Salvage incidents and Shipwrecks

The tow and salvage laws can become complex very quickly depending on the situation. Salvage or tow law can grant certain rights to ship operators who somehow aid or rescue another vessel in peril or in non-emergency circumstances. A Miami maritime attorney can help you if you have been subject to this sort of event at sea. A reward or compensation of some sort can usually be sought in a Miami maritime lawsuit, which can get tricky depending on what side of the tow line you’re on.

These incidents can happen at a time of emergency when vessels involved will simply work together in the best interests of all, and in non-emergency situations that are contractual in nature. Either way, tow or salvage rights may be at play and a maritime attorney can help you know if you can be compensated or monetarily rewarded in some way.

Shipwrecks or property that has been discovered under the water won’t always be subject to the same legalities since the owners of these properties may not be in search of them. This sort of situation falls under a “find law” which allows anyone who has discovered this sort of property getting full rights to it. There is a caveat to this, however, if the property has been found within three miles off the coastlines. The Abandoned Shipwreck Act 1987 hands property rights of these nearshore “finds” to the Federal Government. Consulting an admiralty attorney in Miami may help you learn if your discovery is yours to keep or if you’re legally obligated to hand it over.

In the end – Whether you’re a recreational boater, a commercial water operator, a maritime worker, or even a shipwreck seeker; you have undeniable rights that are covered under intricate maritime law. Reach out to our Miami maritime legal team here a Madalon Law so you can be fully supported in your waterway and onboard rights.