Frequent Dangers Faced on Celebrity Cruise Lines

Venturing aboard a cruise ship comes with thoughts of paradise, sunshine, great food and beautiful destinations.

It also comes with an inherent set of dangers that sometimes turn into tragic accidents that can ruin a vacation and change someone’s life forever.

Celebrity cruise ship accident lawyers in Miami are constantly retained to investigate and filing suits against the cruise line for injuries that are sustained as a result of negligence and poor choices on the part of the cruise line.

If you or a loved one has incurred an injury as a result of one of these frequently faced dangers while aboard a Celebrity cruise, you may be entitled to compensation for the damages you and your family have experienced.

Obstructed Walkways and Paths

Cruise ships are a maze of hallways, paths and walkways that cover the entire length of the ship. These foot traffic areas are expected to be clean and clear of obstructions that can cause injuries. Here’s a list of common causes of trips and falls aboard maritime vessels.

Oftentimes though, these walkways are crowded with excess cargo, empty boxes and other related items.

These hindrances can cause trips and falls that result in sprains, strains and fractures. These injuries are not your fault and the pain and medical bills you suffer because of them should be addressed by a Celebrity cruise ship accident attorney in Miami.

Poor Elevator/Escalator Maintenance

A cruise ship is a giant piece of technological and mechanical mastery. Although modern advances have made these ships incredibly efficient and sound, they still require routine maintenance on all the various components.

When crew and staff fail to perform these tasks, they endanger the passengers and their actions can lead to accidents and injuries as a result.

Many passengers every year are injured in elevator and escalator accidents that are caused by lack of maintenance and improper operation.

These modes of transportation from level to level are required to be inspected on a regular basis, as well as being greased and oiled to ensure proper function. At times, cruise lines forego these mandatory procedures to save money or time, creating negligence on their behalf.

In these cases, injuries caused by these negligent actions result in the filing of Celebrity cruise ship accident lawsuits in Miami.

Toxic Chemicals

On board these mechanical wonders lie a plethora of toxic chemicals and compounds used in the day to day operations of the ship. These chemicals are regulated heavily, and their use and storage are mandated by federal law.

Due to lack of supervision, or outright laziness, these chemicals and compounds are frequently left in the open, improperly stored away, or used for the wrong applications. These actions expose passengers to the dangers of these sometimes caustic, cancer causing, and burn inducing materials.

If you have been exposed to a toxic chemical and need help understanding your options, you should contact a Celebrity cruise ship accident lawyer in Miami immediately.

These chemicals include substances such as:

  • Diesel Fuel. Used to power the monstrous motors that power the cruise ship through the water, diesel is usually stored in massive tanks but occasionally is used throughout the ship to power generators and other small equipment. Exposure to this fuel can cause slip hazards, burning of the eyes, burns to the skin and fatal consequences if ingested.
  • Bleach is a common cleaning chemical used aboard cruise ships. Hailed for its sterilization attributes, it’s a great way to keep place clean and sanitized. However, if bleach is improperly stored away, it can become a huge health hazard. Exposure to bleach causes chemical burns, blindness, respiratory impairment and can be fatal if swallowed.
  • Chlorine is a fantastic way to keep pool waters clear and free of algae build up as well as sanitizing the waters of hot tubs and Jacuzzis. Normal exposure to the chlorine levels found in these water attractions causes no harm, but large amounts that are left unattended and not secured in locking cabinets can pose huge problems for guests. Airway irritation, wheezing, sore throat, chest tightness and skin/eye irritation are immediate effects of chlorine exposure but can lead to more serious conditions in large quantities.

You’re Not Alone

Having a pleasurable family vacation ruined by exposure to toxic chemicals is both tragic and unfair. As a passenger on the cruise line, you have a reasonable expectation of safety that is the responsibility of the staff and management.

If you or a member of your family has experienced injury as a result of exposure to improperly handled or stored toxic chemicals, we urge you to contact Madalon Law and one of our Celebrity cruise ship accident lawsuit attorneys in Miami today!