Compensation for Excursion Accidents on Norwegian Cruise Ships in Miami, FL

Every year, thousands upon thousands of passengers aboard cruise ships participate in the excursion offered during the cruise. Excursions are activities that usually take place ashore and are sponsored by the cruise line.

Norwegian cruise ship lawsuits in Miami often involve accidents and injuries that have occurred during these excursions. Although these activities typically don’t take place on the ship itself, as a sponsored journey, the cruise line has a responsibility to the passengers to keep them safe and secure while participating.

You may be coerced or tricked into believing that the cruise line is not at fault, but Norwegian cruise ship accident lawyers in Miami are here to remind you that you may be entitled to compensation if you have experienced one of these injuries.

When is the Cruise Line at Fault

In the cases of personal injury, Miami Norwegian cruise ship accident attorneys will look for signs of negligence on the part of the cruise line in determining who is at fault.

If it is determined that the cruise line has not held up its expected practices to keep patrons injury free during their sponsored excursions, then the cruise line should and will be held accountable for their actions.

While it may seem at first like an injury that is sustained during an off-ship activity is something that is the fault of yourself, the truth is that oftentimes lack of manpower, training or proper qualifications on the part of the crew is the main reason these accidents occur.

In Miami, Norwegian cruise ship accident lawsuits are commonly filed as a result of the staff and management of a particular cruise not taking the steps that are necessary to keep passengers safe.

If you or a family member has incurred an injury as a result of this, you are entitled to compensation.

Common Injuries are not Reasonable and Expected

There are a multitude of injuries that are commonly sustained while participating in cruise line sponsored excursions. Just because they are common does not mean that they should be expected and forgiven.

When you pay a cruise line for your ticket, you are also entering into an agreement with them to take all necessary steps and procedures to reasonably ensure your safety while you are cruising with them.

A Norwegian cruise ship accident lawsuit lawyer in Miami will be able to guide you and help you find out if negligence on behalf of the cruise line is at fault for causing your injuries and accidents.

Each excursion off the ship does come with inherent risks and the cruise line is responsible for advising you of these risks and arming you with the proper knowledge and training to avoid falling victim to these risks. If they have failed to do so, then they have broken their end of the contract.

The main point of this is that just because an injury is common, it should not be considered reasonable and expected.

Types of Injuries

Norwegian cruise ship accident lawsuit attorneys in Miami are well versed on the topic of injuries that are sustained while participating ashore with cruise line sponsored excursions.

These injuries range from small lacerations, to major traumatic experiences and every single incident deserves the utmost care and attention to make sure the injured parties get the justice that they deserve.

These injuries include but are not limited to:

  • Lacerations, or cuts, that have been sustained as a result of sharp objects, jagged metal, or otherwise poorly secured pieces of equipment that should have been addressed by crew members and the cruise line prior to the activity.
  • Broken bones are also routinely experienced by patrons and passengers. Horseback riding and ATV riding are frequent adventures that are sponsored by cruise lines. However, when the staff and cruise line don’t properly instruct passengers, these fun times can end in broken legs, ankles, feet, arms and hands.
  • Assaults and muggings are unfortunately still part of our world. When venturing into the countries that cruise lines often visit, safety and security should be of utmost importance. Cruise lines are obligated to inform you of the potential risks involved with visiting these areas and if there is an inherent danger that the cruise line is aware of, they should be educating their passengers on the dangers that are possible.

Don’t Hesitate to Call a Qualified Cruise Ship Attorney in Miami

If you have been the victim of negligence and have been injured as a result, you have rights and should never hesitate to contact an attorney at Madalon Law. Our Lawyers are here to help and are very knowledgeable in maritime and cruise line law and have all the resources you need to get justice and compensation for accidents.