3 Common Accidents on Princess Cruise Lines and Your Legal Options Told From Lawyers

A vacation on a princess cruise ship can be one filled with fun, excitement and memories that last a lifetime. These ships are full of activities and joy for the whole family but also come at a risk.

Accidents on cruise ships happen frequently and range from minor cuts and scrapes to tragic, life ending catastrophes. Princess cruise ship accident attorneys in Miami agree that many injuries that happen while a patron on a ship could have been avoided.

If you or a family member have been injured as a result of negligence, you may be entitled to damages, and a Princess cruise ship accident lawyer in Miami can help.

What Entitles you to Damages?

A Princess cruise ship accident lawsuit in Miami can be brought against the cruise line for a variety of reasons. The key to deciding if damages are entitled is figuring out if negligence is a factor in the accident.

While many patrons of a cruise ship think that their injuries or accidents are just a normal part of being on a large ship, the truth of the matter is that most injuries could have been avoided if the cruise line or employees had taken the proper steps to ensure safety.

Any accident or injury that happens on-board could have been as a result of bad decisions and improper practices by the cruise line.

If you are unsure, contact Madalon Law so we can help you find out if your accident or injury is entitled to compensation.

Slips and Falls

One of our Princess cruise ship lawsuit lawyers in Miami notes that slips and falls are one of, if not the most common injury experienced by passengers while traveling.

A cruise ship deck and hallways are full of potential trip hazards and unchecked liquids spilling or leaking can cause slip hazards that will quickly end someone’s fun adventure.

Cruise lines must follow strict safety standards in securing the walkways and paths that criss cross their ships and when they fail to do so, they create hazards that result in slips, trips and falls that routinely injure passengers.

It is also the responsibility of the crew and captain to keep the common areas of the ship and walkways free of slip hazards. If you have fallen as a result of these areas being wet or slippery, you could be a victim of these responsibilities not being met.

There should never be any objects or obstructions in well defined walkways around the cruise ship. If you have experienced a fall as a result of something interfering with an established walkway, this could be an indicator of negligence. You should report the fall and injury immediately and contact a member of our team soon after.

Swimming Pool Accidents

Most people spend their days aboard a ship lounging by the pool. These areas are typically full of passengers enjoying the swimming and diving while taking in the sunshine.

Here in Miami, Princess cruise ship lawsuit lawyers at Madalon Law have dealt with injuries as a result of swimming pool accidents in great detail.

Cruise lines are tasked with keeping their passengers safe while enjoying on deck activities, including the swimming and diving variety.

Improperly labeled pool areas, lack of lifeguards, and missing safety and rescue equipment are a few examples of negligence on the part of the cruise ship. Any injury or accident that has occurred because of a negligent reason should be investigated and followed upon by a qualified cruise ship attorney in Miami.

Injuries Sustained by Falling Objects

Cruise ships frequently have multiple deck levels that each have a variety of objects and machinery components stored on them. Occasionally, these pieces of cargo are improperly stored or secured and fall, injuring passengers below.

If you have been injured as a result of these falling objects, you have the legal right to file for damages. Contacting a Princess cruise ship lawsuit attorney in Miami is your best course of action for getting the justice you deserve.

The poor choices of others, or lack of attention to strict safety guidelines can harm, injure and kill innocent passengers. Heavy objects falling from great heights can result in injuries that permanently injure a passenger and in worst cases, result in death.

There is no reasonable expectation of being hit by a falling object, so do not discount the accident as being one that is common and an accepted risk as a passenger on a cruise ship.

You have the reasonable expectation of being safe and secure while aboard a cruise ship, any lapse in that expectation is likely a result of negligence and Madalon Law is here to get you the compensation you deserve.