Seeking Lawyers Help if You’re In an Accident on Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship in Miami, FL?

Royal Caribbean in Miami is one of the largest cruise lines exiting the port area, carrying thousands of tourists and vacationers on the trips of their dreams. Unfortunately, for some, those trips end in tragedy.

If you’re the victim of a Royal Caribbean Accident in Miami, it can be confusing on who to call to seek justice and compensation. Maritime law has provisions and regulations that need to be followed and can be difficult to understand.

We want to make sure that you have all the information you need if you are the victim of an accident and incur injuries due to them.

Accidents Aboard Royal Caribbean

No one deserves to have their vacation on a cruise ship ruined by injury and illness. For some though, these unfortunate events happen, and they are left feeling hurt, alienated, and in worst cases, in pain.

Maritime vessels are full of potential dangers for their passengers, especially cruise ships. Full of trip hazards, toxic chemicals, potentially contaminated food, and untrustworthy people, a fun filled family vacation can turn bad at the drop of a hat.

These accidents can include:

  • Slips, trips and falls. Including those that end up with a passenger going overboard
  • Fractured extremities
  • Lacerations that result in stitches and staples as well as cosmetic surgery
  • Foodborne illnesses transmitted by improper food handling
  • Falling objects that strike passengers
  • Machinery failure that injures nearby passengers

Our Royal Caribbean accident lawyers in Miami are well educated and full of knowledge when it comes to accidents aboard cruise ships and can provide you with the information you need to understand your rights.

Your First Phone Call

If you, or a friend or family member have experienced one of the accidents or injuries listed above, or any other injury that you believe has personally affected you, your first call should be the security staff of Royal Caribbean.

Most Royal Caribbean cruise ships in Miami employ a private staff of security officers who are responsible for protecting the guests of the ship. They are charged with maintaining the safe environment and preliminary investigation for accidents.

However, they are not commissioned police officers nor are they representing you and you should not let them disturb any potential evidence of wrongdoing. They should be contacted immediately so that your injury is reported quickly, but you should not let them interfere with important parts of the investigation.

You should also seek out the on-board medical personnel and be treated for any injuries you have incurred. Have pictures taken of the area where the accident occurred and your injuries before leaving the area.

Police Agency Who Has Jurisdiction

Maritime law and jurisdiction can be tough to grasp. In Miami, a Royal Caribbean lawsuit lawyer will be well versed on who should be investigating your case. If you’re confused about who to call to report your crime to the proper authorities, contact a Miami cruise ship attorney, they’ll be quick to help.

If an accident occurs while in Miami ports on a Royal Caribbean cruise line, the local sheriff’s office should be contacted. Hopefully security staff will do this, but you should as well, just to make sure. As the cruise ship is docked, it is on American soil and the local authorities prevail.

If you have departed when the accident occurs, and are an American citizen, you still have all the rights and protections of the federal government. In these cases, the Federal Bureau of Investigation usually takes the lead if there has been serious injury or a crime committed.

The FBI is also the go to agency if the crime occurs to a non-American citizen within twelve miles of a US Coastline as outlined in this federal code.

If you fall into one of those categories when the accident occurs, a Royal Caribbean accident attorney can assist you in contacting the local FBI field office, sheriff’s office or medical staff.

Calling Someone to Help You

If you need to file a Royal Caribbean lawsuit in Miami, Madalon Law is more than just a group of lawyers, they’re your liaison and your friend.

Once you have reported your accident and/or injury to the proper authorities, your next phone call should be a royal caribbean lawsuit lawyer who understands these laws.

Madalon Law has lawsuit attorneys in Miami who are well versed on maritime law and understand the red tape and regulations that can affect your case. If you have been injured, or had your personal safety and security violated on-board a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, you may be entitled to damages.

Call us today, we’re here to help.