Injured as a Seamen in Miami, FL? Our Accident Lawyers Are Here To Help

Working in the maritime industry is consistently ranked as one of the most dangerous professions in the world. Injured crew members in Miami are greatly underrepresented and are not receiving the help and guidance they deserve.

According to the Maritime Injury Guide, nearly 70% of injuries incurred by seamen are a result of negligence. Even a crew injury that seemed like a normal part of the job, such as a mechanical failure, often resulted from negligence of the employer.

When to Seek Out a Seaman Lawsuit Attorney

If you’ve experienced an injury in the Miami area while working as a seaman, a crew claim attorney can help get you the justice and compensation you deserve for your hard work.

These injuries include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Broken bones including ankles, wrists, fingers and toes.
  • Burns, regardless of severity. All burns are serious, especially inhalation burns.
  • Lacerations to any area of the body. Ones that require stitches or staples can result in infection and worsening symptoms.
  • Respiratory injuries such as collapsed lungs or airway burns.
  • Penetrating injuries. Stepping on exposed sharp objects or falling onto protruding pieces of equipment.
  • Crushed extremities, like getting your hand stuck in between exposed gearings, or against railings because of faulty equipment.
  • Neurologic damage caused by lack of oxygen or traumatic blows to the head.

Who is at Fault for Miami Seaman Injuries

Many hard-working seamen believe that these injuries occurred because they chose a dangerous profession. But the truth is, most crew member lawsuits in Miami were brought against employers for failing to protect their employees.

You may be entitled to damages for any of the following reasons:

  • Broken winches and cables. Many owners throughout Miami fail to inspect and replace these dangerous pieces of equipment. A snapped or fraying cable can cause breaks, lacerations, punctures and death.
  • Faulty or broken equipment. Hundreds of seaman in Miami are forced to work with subpar or broken equipment, often resulting in injuries and long term problems.
  • Lack of maintenance. Foregone oil changes, filter replacements, greasing of joints and pivot points. All these bypassed maintenance items lead to tons of injuries every year.
  • Cargo handling failure. Fraying straps and defective parts cause crushing injuries as heavy cargo suddenly falls on unsuspecting crew members.
  • Falls overboard due to poorly kept deck conditions. No storage for ropes and cables leaves them laying across the deck, creating a minefield.
  • Lack of safety gear, equipment, or training. Injured maritime crew members often aren’t issued proper safety gear and if they are, they aren’t trained on how to use it.
  • Lack of ventilation. Enclosed cabins, unvented engine rooms, all of them lead to neurologic and respiratory illness and injuries.

Don’t be Talked Out of Calling a Crew Member Lawsuit Lawyer

Miami business owners, and especially maritime business owners have a history of denying the seaman who serve their companies the proper information and resources they deserve.

If you, or a member of your family has been injured while working as a crew member of a maritime business in Miami, you have rights. A crew member accident lawyer in miami  is here to help you seek justice and fair treatment, and if a seaman lawsuit is warranted, we’re here to service your case properly.

For those who have been injured, don’t be persuaded not to contact an attorney. Madalon Law has been watching over the crew members of Miami, Florida for quite a long time and we will not sit by and watch the hard-working men and women of this industry get passed over by irresponsible business owners.

What a Seaman Accident Attorney Can do for You

The Maritime law in Miami can be confusing and full of red tape and fluff that is tough to negotiate on your own. After all, you’re an expert in your field, no one expects you to be an expert in this.

A Crew member accident attorney in miami can guide you through your rights as a worker, explain what you may be entitled to, and get you on the right track for a lawsuit against a maritime business in Miami if necessary.

Seaman accident lawyers also have the contacts and resources for you to get care for your injuries as a result of negligence and will be there beside you as your advocate while navigating the murky waters of the courtroom.

You’ve got enough sharks to worry about just doing your job, let us take care of the sharks looking to feed off of your hard work and dedication.