For you and many others, taking a cruise aboard a high-profile ship is the trip of a lifetime. Some of these excursions can take years to financially plan for with the expectation that the trip will be a memory making experience. The last thing anyone wants is for those memories to turn into a nightmare due to a cruise ship accident. If your at-sea adventure has turned into a cruise ship incident, you might want to consider speaking with a cruise ship accident layer at Madalon Law

Accidents aboard are not as common today, in part, due to the Cruise Vessel Safety and Security Act of 2010. This legislative work creates more accountability for cruise operators resulting in well-maintained vessels and peace of mind for passengers. Unfortunately, accidents still happen, which leaves passengers to fend for themselves both during and after an incident.

A Historical Look at Cruise Ship Accidents

Royal Caribbean – In 2014 a norovirus broke out on a Royal Caribean ship leaving almost 690 people sick. The ship had to return to its Miami port early and is known as the cruise with the highest number of sick persons to ever be reported. Carnival Crusie Lines had a similar situation in 2006 resulting in 679 people who became severely ill on one of their vessels. 

The Aftermath: Royal Caribbean gave all passengers a 50% refund on their trip and some additional funds for travel expenses incurred. Those who found themselves sick received an additional 50% off of their cruise with vouchers for future cruises.   

Carnival Cruiseline: In another unfortunate turn of events, in 2013 a Carnival Crusie Ship experienced a small fire that took the ship’s power out leaving the passengers at sea for 4 days. That ship was towed to Mobile, AL with piles of human waste in bio-hazard bags filling the ship’s decks.

The Aftermath: 31 people sued Carnival Cruiseline for various injuries which produced a $118,000 settlement, split equally among the passengers. Each passenger received just under $3000 which was before legal fees were taken into account. 

These were fairly major cruise ship incidents that have had a sweeping impact on how operators treat passengers after an accident. There are, however, other incidents that happen where you should seek the help of an experienced cruise ship accident lawyer. Here a few more common occurrences of accidents that occur at dock or sea.

Common Accidents on a Cruise Ship

  • Passenger Accidents and Injuries – These types of incidents can happen anywhere on a cruise ship including elevators and escalators, cabin injury events, falling objects and poorly maintained features resulting in an injury.
  • Slip and Fall Incidents – Slip and fall accidents are quite common on cruise ships given they are found in wet environments. Ship operators make many concessions to ensure their passengers do not slip and fall, but accidents occur, and operators can be found liable.
  • Robbery or Battery Incidents – Unfortunately, crimes happen at sea, and if they do, you have reason to pursue a legal case with a cruise ship accident lawyer. These incidents can range from missing items in your room, to aggressive attacks or even sexual assault.
  • Vessel Malfunction Resulting in Injury – Chances are, most cruise ships will have everything they need to overcome a vessel malfunction at sea. At times, however, a failure may overtake the operator’s maintenance abilities. These situations can leave you, and others, stranded or injured as a result.
  • Accidental Drownings – There are many safety measures in place on cruise ships to prevent unintentional drownings. These often happen in pools or spas found on cruise ship ’s recreational decks.
  • Overboard Situations – In 2018, 26-people went overboard on cruise ships. Some of these situations were accidental while others were intentional. If you, or someone you love, has been involved in an overboard accident, you may have legal recourse.

Why Use a Crusie Ship Accident Lawyer

Many people don’t know that cruise ship operators have legal teams on standby to help them avoid compensating passengers for their injuries. In fact, your ticketed contract could prevent you from holding a cruise line accountable. These contracts are complex and need the attention of an experienced cruise ship accident lawyer to navigate the legal options for you.

At Madalon Law, we have years of experience handling cruise ship accident cases resulting in over $1-million in settlements. We serve the entire state of Florida and are adept at maritime law which differs significantly than standard land-based accident law. If you have experienced an accident at sea, we would be happy to hear your case and help you understand your legal rights. Please contact our offices today to get your appointment set up at Madalon Law.