Madalon Law has witnessed countless cases featuring the unique dangers posed by maritime work and recreation, including shoreside excursions. Our South Florida maritime lawyers have represented countless injured divers, cruise ship passengers, seamen, fishermen, deckhands, recreational boaters, port workers, and merchant mariners injured during a shore excursion.

The Formula for Common Shore Excursion Accidents

Cruise ships routinely visit ports of call, an advertised attraction, in exotic regional areas. There are a wide range of activities promoted by the cruise company, and they might include:

  • Zip-lining
  • Consuming local food
  • Rock climbing
  • Interacting with animals
  • Scuba diving
  • Hiking
  • Climbing through ruins
  • Tour boats
  • Snorkeling
  • Horseback riding
  • Parasailing
  • Boating, rafting, or kayaking
  • And many others

Because the cruise ship company actively promotes these activities, it is a reasonable assumption amongst most passengers that the activities must be safe. However, the cruise ship company promotes these activities for financial gain, while asserting non-liability in the event of injury or death. Most passengers have no idea that the cruise ship company assumes zero liability.

It’s easy to see how a common scenario plays out. A passenger is encouraged by the cruise ship company to partake in an activity far beyond their normal experiences or activity level. Excited to be on vacation and trying new things, the passenger makes the assumption that the activity is safe since it’s being promoted by the cruise company. In a short while, they are injured while doing anything from hiking through unsafe ruins or scuba diving with inadequate oversight.

Types of Shore Excursion Injuries

Due to the wide range of physical activities promoted by cruise companies, the injuries sustained by passengers is virtually unlimited. However, some very common injuries include:

  • Broken limbs
  • Spine and neck injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Head Injuries
  • Long-term and/or life-altering injuries
  • Wrongful death

While an injury does not need to be as extreme as these, it is clear from these common injuries that cruise companies routinely promote activities that result in serious passenger injury.

The Cruise Company’s Claims of No Liability

Our South Florida lawyers have found that cruise ship companies generate a lot of money by promoting shore side excursions. However, they also have written in provisions in their passenger tickets declining liability for any negligence on the behalf of shore side excursion companies. The idea is that they are independent contractors. Practically speaking, since shore side excursions are usually in foreign countries it is difficult or downright impossible for American passengers to get jurisdiction.

This does not mean that you do not have a case. Because the laws are complicated and many attorneys are not versed in maritime law, many injuries that occur on cruises, especially as a result of a shore excursion, do not end in justice and proper compensation. There are many types of common shore excursion accidents, but one solution for each: an experienced maritime accident lawyer.

Most Lawyers Don’t Know How to Handle Common Shore Excursion Accidents

It’s possible that you’ve already spoken to an attorney, and you’ve been informed that you do not have a case. Do not give up. Many lawyers do not possess an understanding of how to navigate maritime law. Complex cases involving cruise ships, shore side excursions, and foreign companies cause ill-informed attorneys to decline cases or offer bad advice. Since your injury occurred in a unique situation, you need a unique maritime accident lawyer with unique skills.

Madalon Law fights for and wins maritime law cases. We have a special tool in our arsenal that many lawyers do not understand: arguing an alternative theory of liability. We carefully review the facts to determine how to argue liability for your injuries rests with the cruise company. Despite their claims, cruise companies can and have been held liable when met with a solid, well-crafted case.

For us to build a successful case, you act quickly before the statute of limitations has expired. Often, the statute of limitations is as little as one year. Additionally, the cruise ship may have included fine print on your ticket requiring that the case be pursued in the State of Florida, meaning that if you are out of state, it will be even harder and more time-consuming. You may even have to submit your claim within six months of the injury.

Whether you’re in-state or outside of Florida, Madalon Law has secured more than $100 million in judgements and settlements. Don’t let the intentionally difficult hurdles of pursuing justice and compensation stop you from getting in touch with an expert maritime accident lawyer who will fight for you. Madalon Law will move quickly, compassionately, and intelligently to process your case and obtain justice.

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