While cruise ships are among the travel industry’s top 5 “best value for money” vacation options, there are certain dangers to be aware of. The majority of statistical data about passenger ship accidents and cruise incidents is based on official reports that are published online by United States Coast Guard. Other sources include online news media as well as local police reports. Statistics for cruise illness outbreaks are also based on official reports published online by the US agency “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” If there is an accident that happens onboard, you should be informed as a passenger about what to do and how to seek help. Madalon Law is a top marine law firm specializing in such accidents. Read on to learn more about cruise ship accidents and how you may deserve injury compensation.

Accidents typically result in major damages, serious injuries, or even a loss of life. This word has a negative connotation and is synonymous to mishap, unforeseen/unplanned bad event, or circumstance with a negative outcome. “Incident,” however, is used to describe feature events, and can either be both positive and negative as experienced. Not a lot of cruise incidents are “accidents,” and are simply unfortunate events. Here are some types of accidents and incidents on cruise ships:

  • Disasters (sinking, grounding, capsizing, collision, allision, terrorist and pirate attacks, pollution, crashes and killings on land tours/shore excursions)
  • Mechanical (fire, propulsion issues, power loss) – typically results in cruise cancellations
  • Sickness/ illness – Usually delays embarkation or itinerary changes
  • Deaths (overboard jumps/missing passengers and crew members, drowning in ship pools, critical traumas, murder, suicide, myocardial infarction/heart attack)
  • Injuries (rape, assault, battery, fractures by accidental slip/fall)
  • Crimes (bomb threats, robbery, drug smuggling/possession, arrests for past fugitive warrants, theft, belligerent behavior and indecent exposure by intoxicated passengers)
  • Weather-related (heavy fogs, squalls, storms, hurricanes)

If you are thinking of filing a passenger accident claim, keep these four mistakes in mind: 

  • Failing to read and understand the terms and conditions of the cruise ticket contract, which is given to all passengers prior to them going on a voyage
  • Failing to report the cruise incident (injury, crime) immediately following the occurance. In order to receive compensation, the victim must immediately act to report and collect witness testimonies
  • Settling for less- The cruise line company will probably offer cheap gifts to settle, and it is important to make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve rather than settling
  • Not seeking proper medical care- It’s important to follow up with your doctor after you get home, even if you’ve visited the ship’s medical center after being injured, in order to document the injuries as much as possible.

Maritime law can be very confusing, even to experts. If you are ever involved in an accident aboard or involving a cruise ship, it’s essential to immediate seek help and get in touch with an experienced attorney who specializes in cruise ship accident in order to help you avoid these common mistakes and receive the compensation that you may be entitled to. Call Madalon Law for your marine law counsel today.