Most often a person’s experience on a cruise ship is one of fun, adventure, and relaxation.  Most people do not anticipate that something could go wrong.  In the event that a negative event occurs, it is important to contact a skilled cruise ship injury attorney.  Our firm handles cases involving Norwegian, Carnival, Royal Caribbean and other cruise lines.

Here some things to consider when you are traveling:

Read your ticket:  Most people do not read the fine print on their ticket.  However, this fine print contains important information.  One thing that should be noted is that, most often, claims regarding sickness and injury incurred as a result of the cruise line needs to be filed within one year.  Failure to file within this time period will most likely mean that you will not be able to pursue a claim at all. 

·       Medical care:  Make sure that you check the qualifications of the medical personnel on board, particularly if you a medical condition.  A psychiatrist is a medical doctor but may not be the best choice for providing medical care for someone with a heart condition.

·       Applicable Law:  Your cruise may have set sail from a port in the United States but that does not necessarily mean that United States laws apply.  Most cruise ships are registers to countries other than the United States.  They will fly the flag of their registered country and generally, the laws of that particular nation will apply.

·       In the event of an incident, the cruise line may not necessarily be quick to help you:  The cruise line is a business and is first and foremost motivated to protect its own interests.  You can best protect your own interest by writing down the events of the incident and recording the names and contact information of all the persons who witnessed the incident.  It is also important to take pictures of the scene.  As soon as possible, you should contact an injury that is knowledgeable about the cruise industry to help you protect your interests.

·       Crimes: People may be inclined to let their guard down on a cruise.  It is important to remember that crimes can occur anywhere. When on a cruise, you should always be aware of your surroundings.  Make sure to lock up your belongings and not to open your door to unknown persons.  Children should be supervised at all times on a ship.

·       Location to file suit:  As noted before, your ticket will designate the time frame in which you need to file suit.  It will also designate the location in which you need to file your suit.  For most of the larger cruise lines, you will need to file claims in Miami, Florida.  This is very important information because failure to file your claim in the correct location could result in your claim being thrown out of court. 

While your cruise will most likely be without incident, it is important to keep these considerations in mind before and during your cruise.  That way, in the event of an emergency or incident, you will already be armed with the knowledge necessary.

Safe Travels!


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