Injuries can happen in any place and at any time.  It could be a slip and fall at a supermarket, an incident while on the job or even an injury while vacationing.  In any of these situations, a person will want to hire an accident lawyer.

When an accident occurs on or around water, the injured victim needs a Maritime Attorney.


People sometimes use the terms “admiralty” and “maritime” when speaking about the body of law that governs all ship, like cargo ships, cruise ships, recreational boats, barges, etc. Maritime and Admiralty Law also includes all sea staff and shipboard workers.  It covers all persons at sea and all vessels moving from location to location on a body of water.

Admiralty and Maritime law also cover any accidents and injuries involving sport and recreational activities in the waters and Intracoastal waterways.  This includes Jet Ski accidents and recreational boat accidents.  Maritime law also covers some international business and a wide range of shipping or crimes that take place over waters.

People need to know that Maritime Law has its own set of the statue of limitations.  For most cases, an individual has three years to file a lawsuit for their injury.  If the case involves cruise ship matters and injuries, a notice of claim should be given to the cruise line within six months of the accident and the lawsuit should be filed within one year to the court listed on the passenger ticket.


The Accident Attorneys at Madalon Law handle all maritime cases involving injury and wrongful death.  We fight for the longshoremen, seamen, and passengers who fall victim to another’s negligence. 

You need to contact a maritime attorney if you are:

  • involved in a ship or boat crash.  This includes the boat you are on crashing into another vessel or a boat crashing into your vessel.
  • Injured on a cruise ship
  • Injured on a boat
  • Assaulted on a cruise ship
  • Assaulted on a boat
  • Raped on a cruise ship
  • Raped on a boat
  • Injured on a cruise line shore excursion
  • Injured parasailing
  • Injured in a jet ski accident

You should also contact a maritime attorney if a loved one:

  • Fell overboard on a cruise ship
  • Drowned in a pool on a vessel or cruise ship
  • Went missing on a cruise ship
  • Dies or is injured while working on a drill ship, fishing boat, cargo ship, tanker, yacht, freighter or another vessel.

People who are injured working or traveling on a body of water need to speak to a maritime attorney.


The boat and cruise ship accident attorneys at Madalon Law understand that you will have many questions after an accident or death of a family member.  We want to hear about the details of your case, go over your options and give you the answers you need.  Contact us for a free case review today.

The Fort Lauderdale accident attorneys of Madalon Law handle maritime cases in Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana.