Pompano Beach is just north of Fort Lauderdale, in Broward County. Pompano Beach boasts a population of over 100,000 and has experienced a multibillion-dollar building boom over the past few years, including community development and revitalization of the business districts. With so much growth and development in the area and so many residents – including a substantial seasonal population that floods the area during winter months – it is an unfortunate fact that there are a large number of vehicular accidents in Pompano Beach. Because of the warm climate in Coastal Florida, many of these accidents – and a large proportion of the deadliest ones – are motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating emotionally and financially to victims and their families. Injuries are often severe in these types of accidents, as there is nothing between the rider and other vehicles, objects, or the road. Unfortunately, many motorcyclists are uninsured, because Florida’s Personal Injury Insurance Protection (PIP) is only required for vehicles having four or more wheels. This means that it may be problematic for victims of motorcycle accidents to recover financial compensation after a crash. An uninsured motorcyclist may struggle to pay for medical expenses, particularly if their injuries prevent them from returning immediately to work. The Pompano Beach motorcycle accident attorneys of Madalon Law can assist in this process.


If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident in Florida, you may have legal recourse to receive compensatory damages for both medical bills and property damage. It is important to retain an attorney who has the resources and experience necessary to handle these types of claims. Our Pompano Beach motorcycle accident attorneys can explain your legal rights and options for pursuing compensation, and assist in evidence collection, dealing with insurance carriers, and communicate with witnesses to the accident.

Our attorneys understand the importance of collecting scene and police reports, gathering witness statements, investigating other motorists’ driving histories, reconstructing the accident scene and recreating the accident from witness accounts, reviewing medical records, consulting expert witnesses, and dealing with insurance companies on the behalf of our clients. Florida laws governing motorcycles differ significantly from laws regarding other vehicular accidents – and the accident attorneys of Madalon Law have extensive knowledge and experience with these laws.


The Broward accident and injury attorneys of Madalon Law want you to know that speaking to an attorney does not mean you have to take legal action. One of the biggest mistakes accident victims make is they try to deal with the insurance company themselves – and because they may not understand the law – they often settle for much less than the amount they truly deserve. Our goal is to give accident victims a better understanding of their rights and options to seek compensation. If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident in Pompano or Pompano Beach, please contact the accident attorneys of Madalon Law and we will gladly answer your questions. Our offices are based out of Fort Lauderdale and fight for the rights of the injured in Pompano Beach and the entire State of Florida.