South Florida is known to have some of the most dynamic nightclub and bar scenes in the country. These areas include South Beach, Las Olas, Coconut Grove, Downtown Miami and Clematis in Palm Beach. Unfortunately, along with this exciting nightlife comes high rates of injuries sustained in bar and nightclub fights, since the combination of alcohol and large crowds is a recipe for problems.

Many of those caught up and injured in these drunken brawls – or personal disputes turned violent – are innocent bystanders. Often, bouncers or other nightclub employees may be poorly trained, overzealous, or simply negligent in their duty to protect innocent bar patrons from injury. If you have been injured in one of these altercations, an Accident Attorney who handles bar and nightclub fights can help you recover damages for what you have incurred.

The Attorneys at Madalon Law represents clients who have been injured in bar and nightclub fights in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and other counties in the State of Florida. Florida personal injury and premises liability laws protect bar patrons; owners of these establishments have a legal obligation to keep their customers safe. When injuries do occur on their premises, these owners may be held liable for any damages incurred by the victims. At Madalon Law, it is our mission to protect the rights of the injured and to help them obtain compensation for their losses.

The proprietors of Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach clubs and bars are required to be prepared with adequate security when fights break out in their establishments. With inadequate security, a higher number and more serious injuries may result from nightclub violence. Poorly trained or overly aggressive bouncers may escalate the violent interactions by use of inflammatory language or excessive force, instead of safely ejecting those involved or working to de-escalate the situation.

The objective of Madalon Law’s personal injury attorneys is to protect the rights of people who have been injured in bar fights due to poor security or unsafe property conditions. If you were injured by a personal assault, a bar fight, or an overzealous bouncer at a Florida nightclub, you may be entitled to seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering and other losses.

The legal team at Madalon Law is experienced in handling these claims. We will investigate the incident for you, interview witnesses, review police reports, and seek access to any security footage or cell phone recordings that may shed light on the events up to and during the altercation. We will also research any previous incidents of violence related to the nightclub, as well as the bar’s physical layout and security procedures, and the employment history and training of the employees involved. It is an unfortunate reality that many of these businesses put profit over safety, and do not provide enough security although they are aware of the security risk. We will hold these bar and nightclub owners accountable for their failure to protect their patrons.

Contact the Bar and Nightclub Accident Attorneys at Madalon Law to schedule a free initial consultation. An attorney will go over your case with you, explain your rights according to Florida law and your options for recovery, and suggest the next steps to take to get compensation for your injuries.