Miami Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Miami Pedestrian Accident Lawyers: Most pedestrian accidents leave physical, medical and emotional damages on the victims. That’s why you need to get an accident attorney. There are various Miami pedestrian accident lawyers willing to represent you in the event that an accident occurs. Most of these lawyers have had numerous experience in securing adequate compensation for people who have been hit by moving vehicles in Miami.

Injuries resulting from pedestrian accidents can last for a life time. In most cases the victim would have to leap, use crutches or live with a permanent embarrassing scar. Some of the injuries associated with pedestrian accidents include:

In view of this, it is only fair that you get compensated when you become the victim of such tragedy. Just recently a Pedestrian accident law firm secured $3,000,000.00 for a disabled man ran over by a garbage truck. An interesting fact about these lawyers is you make payment only after the case is resolved.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration puts the frequency of pedestrian accidents at one accident in every eight minutes. This statistic translate to 70,000 injuries and 5,000 deaths every year. The National Pedestrian Fatality Statistic indicated that in 2013, 476 pedestrians were killed by moving motor vehicle in Florida, a high percentage of these deaths being men and children.

The Division of Trauma in Los Angeles CA recently carried out a study involving 5,800 pedestrian accidents. They discovered that head injury was the most common and severe accident related injury, followed by chest, abdomen and other minor injuries.

The survival rate of victims of vehicle accidents, and the severity of the resulting injury largely depend on the age of the victim and the speed at which the collision occurred.


Vehicle speed: – Studies had shown that overspending is the major cause of pedestrian accidents. In 2012 Florida recorded one-third of pedestrian injuries in the United States, 20% of these were traffic accident involving people on foot.

Distraction: – Pedestrian accident occur when drivers become distracted and fail to focus on the road. Complete disregard of traffic sign result in 3 % of pedestrian accidents in Miami. Studies have shown that the safest place to cross roads are in road intersection, 79% of accidents occur in areas where there are no road intersection.

Other common causes of accident include:

  • Drunk driving
  • Driving with poor light at night
  • Poorly designed roads
  • Lack of pedestrian safety features and crosswalks, etc.


There are many laws in Miami which dictates that drivers should obey all traffic laws particularly stopping for pedestrians within crosswalks. Any accident resulting from negligence of this laws will attract penalties on the driver.

For instance in 2014 Governor Rick Scott signed bill 103, the Aaron Cohen Life Protection Act which provided that legal action be taken against any driver who leaves a victim in an accident scene. Several other protection Acts in Miami and Florida provides lawyers with the lavage to fight for the right of victim of pedestrian accidents.

Miami Pedestrian Accident Lawyers will evaluate the scenario or circumstances leading to the accident. They capitalize on the pedestrian protection laws to file a lawsuit to ensure that victims of accidents are duly compensated.  

WHY DO YOU NEED A Miami Pedestrian Accident Lawyers?

In the event of a pedestrian accident you need an attorney to help you secure the financial compensation you so much deserve. Injuries from accident may be severe, leaving the victim incapacitated. Most victims would not know what step to take at this period, fortunately this is when the Miami pedestrian accident lawyer comes in.

There is also the issue of finance for treatment, accident lawyer would ensure that you don’t get to pay for someone else’ (drivers) carelessness. Some of the services offered by these lawyers include:

  • Investigate the accident and take statements from witnesses
  • Order medical records and bills
  • Work with physicians to ascertain the severity of the injury.
  • Calculating wage loss information related to injuries
  • Taking pictures from the scene of the accident
  • Obtaining video footage of the accident etc.

If you or someone you know has been injured as a pedestrian, consult a Miami pedestrian accident lawyer. They will conduct a sincere evaluation of your case and see to it that all legal rights regarding compensation are paid in full.