An average American knows the importance of walking every day to his health. We are constantly being reminded about how walking to our workplace (if not too far), school, or nearby grocery stores can be beneficial to our health because they help in burn some calories of fat, reduce stress, and improve our quality of life. However, most of our roads, streets, and even pedestrian lanes are being taken over by various automobiles and this has caused many cases of pedestrian accidents in West Palm Beach, FL. On many occasions, an accident has taken place because the driver is talking on a cell phone while driving or trying to ignore some road signs. In other cases, the result usually ranges from minor cases to fatal cases. This article will highlight the common causes of pedestrian accidents in West Palm Beach, FL, the types of injuries pedestrians can sustain, and why you need the service of a pedestrian accident lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL.

In most cases of a pedestrian being hit by a truck, bus, or car, the driver is usually the one at fault. Though, whenever a pedestrian wants to cross the road or an intersection, the onus lies on him to watch either way very well before crossing, but in case he’s being hit by a non-attentive driver who likely was taking a coffee, calling or texting on his cell phone, then you will have a very good chance at claiming some damages through lawsuits or insurance claim. But even if you are right in this case, it is up to a very competent accident lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL to help you handle your case, investigate the scenario of the accident, and come up with available evidence to make you win the legal case.

Being hit by a car is not what you can easily understand especially if you have never had the experience before. Pedestrian accident injury might result in permanent damage that will leave the victim bedridden for his entire life. Pedestrian accidents in West Palm Beach, FL can also result in the following;

  •    Broken neck
  •    Nerve breakdown/damage
  •    Dislocation
  •    Back and neck injuries
  •    Severe cuts and bruises
  •    Tissue injuries
  •    Cranial injuries
  •    Internal bleeding etc.

A lot of cases of pedestrian accidents in West Palm Beach, FL go unreported while the victim is left to suffer the consequences – never should you do that! Immediately it happens, your actions/inactions have a lot to do with this regard. Get yourself an effective pedestrian accident lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL who will help in establishing your case by conducting a thorough investigation. Accident attorneys in West Palm Beach, FL know the laws guiding accident cases including rules guiding drivers. Our attorneys make sure we get full compensation on your behalf by going through the following steps;

  •    Request of medical records and bills
  •    Obtaining witness statements
  •    Consulting with treating physicians to appreciate the significance of the injury
  •    Make a thorough calculation of wage loss information related to injuries
  •    Seeking court intervention in order to secure video footage of an incident
  •    Photographing the scene of an accident
  •    Regular Communication with medical insurance companies seeking subrogation payment from a case.

Our West Palm Beach pedestrian accident lawyers at Madalon Law will make sure you and your interest are protected from careless hit-and-run drivers, collision cases, or any car accidents. Our consultation is free as we carefully look into your case.