Palm Beach Personal Injury Attorneys

When you are involved in an accident or suffer an injury caused by negligence or the willful actions of somebody else, this is considered a personal injury case, and you deserve a strong advocate to listen to your concerns. If this happens to you, no matter what the cause or what kind of harm has occurred, it is critical that you take the correct steps to protect your right to compensation for your injuries.

The Palm Beach Accident Attorneys of Madalon Law are dedicated to protecting and fighting for the rights of personal injury victims in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas. Our goal is to recover compensation for your losses and to seek justice, bringing you and your family peace of mind and a more secure future in the aftermath of your traumatic experience.

When you are injured due to the negligence or wrongdoing of someone else, you may find yourself at a loss, afraid to make the wrong move and unsure of your legal rights. No one plans to be an accident or injury victim, and most people have little knowledge of Florida’s specific personal injury laws that entitle you to reparation for your losses. Our West Palm Beach attorneys have years of experience and have developed an in-depth understanding of these laws, so we can aggressively fight for your rights as if they were our own.

Personal Injury Law

Florida’s personal injury laws pertain to any physical injury a victim sustains when involved in an accident, and also apply to other losses, such as diminished quality of life or lost earning potential as a result of physical injuries.

“Personal injury” is an umbrella term that encompasses dozens of different types of cases, including those involving wrongful death. Cases in which accident and injury victims may recover damages from the responsible party include:

  • Airline Accidents
  • Amusement or Theme Park Injuries
  • Automobile, Motorcycle, or Bicycling Accidents
  • Birth Injuries and other Medical Malpractice
  • Construction Accidents
  • Dangerous or Mislabeled Products
  • Defective Roadways or Unsafe Public Spaces
  • Dog Bites or Animal Attacks
  • Drunk Drivers or Bar/Nightclub Injuries
  • Equestrian Accidents
  • Hotel/Resort Injuries
  • Inadequate Security
  • Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Premises Liability
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Sports Injuries
  • Swimming, Boating or Cruise Ship Injuries

There can be countless life-altering consequences from personal injury accidents. If you have been injured in any of these types of accidents, you may have had to put your life on hold in order to deal with hospitalization, rehabilitation, or perhaps even the death or permanent disability of a loved one. At Madalon Law, our mission is to make Florida’s personal injury laws work in your favor, so that you and your family can recover and move on with your lives.

Know Your Rights – Schedule a Consultation Today

If you have sustained an injury due to the actions or negligence of someone else, don’t accept a low-ball settlement offer from their insurance company. Contact the Palm Beach Accident Attorneys of Madalon Law today, and have one of our experienced personal injury attorneys review your case for you. An attorney can meet with you at our office or your home to help you determine if you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. We handle all personal injury claims on a contingency fee basis: you will not owe us our fees or costs if we are unable to recover compensation on your behalf.