Attorneys are officers of the court. When you hire a lawyer to represent you in a car accident, slip and fall or any type of injury case, your expectations should include your attorney working on your case with extreme diligence. In considering hiring a lawyer, you should make sure that the communication that he or she has with you regarding any and all questions, is clear and understandable, and explains all possible angles in pursuing your lawsuit. As your advocate, your attorney should without a doubt conduct himself with a complete sense of professionalism. It is very important to feel that your attorney is completely honest with you, as they are bound by the code of ethics for lawyers. You should never be influenced to make statements that are not truthful or to hide possible evidence.

As your accident lawsuit progresses, your attorney should be forthcoming with all the positive and negative aspects of your case. You never want your attorney to simply tell you what he thinks you want to hear. It is their responsibility to inform you of new developments as they become known through the course of your lawsuit; that being said, you must always be prepared to hear all news, including the not so good news that may sometimes arise.

There will be many things that your attorney needs to accomplish in preparation for your case. As an experienced lawyer should be expected to do, a thorough research of your case, including an investigation of the incident, should be completed and you should be informed of the results. It is safe to say that your attorney will be working on your case along with others as well. There will be times when a delay in progress seems extended, however, there are elements to a lawsuit that are out of your attorney’s hands. Situations can arise that your attorney will not be able to prevent, such as scheduling with courts, waiting on responses from the defense attorney, and receiving medical records in a timely fashion. These examples are a few of the things that can seem to be unnecessary delays in your case, but you can always contact your attorney to inquire as to the progress of the lawsuit. Your attorney’s responsibility to you is to expedite your case along as quickly as possible.

Lastly, you should always feel as though your attorney is working for you. If you call your attorney’s office with general questions, someone from the firm should be able to answer them. If you are seeking to speak to your attorney specifically, you should be aware that they may be working on additional cases and may not be able to speak with you immediately. This should not be something that is consistent and if you leave a message for them to call you back, then you should expect them to do so.

Understanding how your attorney should be working for you on your accident case is crucial in making your already unpleasant situation a bit less stressful. The legal team at Madalon Law knows what it means to be empathetic and they strive to give the highest standard of customer service possible.

Contact the accident attorneys at Madalon Law now and allow our experienced legal staff to show you exactly what it means to be an aggressive advocate for you, along with being compassionate to your needs.