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It is expected for a person to not remember these things when an accident happens, which is why we strongly suggest you print this checklist, fold the paper and keep it with your car registration in the glove compartment so you have it if you ever need it.


    1. Call 911 and Give your Location
    2. Watch what you say
      It is ok to speak to the other driver, but do not say anything that a person can turn around and use against you. Make sure you document everything they say because you want to make sure what they say at the scene of the accident and what is said later is consistent. Please make sure to write this all down and leave no details out so nothing is forgotten.
    3. Take Pictures
      Take pictures of where the cars are when the accident happened (especially if they have to be moved). Take pictures of any property damage, broken glass, paint transfer, pieces on the ground, skid marks and anything else that helps to show what happened. When taking pictures, make sure you stay out of the way of oncoming traffic.
    4. File a Police Report
      The person that just hit you may be incredibly apologetic now, but they may be the ones calling the insurance company later and by that point, their side of the story will more than likely be painting you as the negligent person who caused the accident. A police report is important in this day and age, insurance companies will not even consider something an accident without a report – including your property damage.
    5. Make Sure the Police Issue a Citation
      Determine the other driver at fault for the accident. This is important because Insurance companies base their decision on who is at fault in the police report. If the police get it wrong, we do have ways to fight and reverse it. But if a citation is issued to the other driver, this will definitely help your case.
    6. Talk to eyewitnesses
      Anyone who saw the accident is an eyewitness. It could be another driver who stopped a pedestrian, bike rider or anyone else who saw what happened. Make sure to get their name and contact number because they may be the most important part of your case later.
    7. Seek Medical Attention
      What may seem like a little pain now may become much worse tomorrow when your adrenaline goes back down to a normal level. The true impact and injuries a person may suffer from a car accident can take hours, days, weeks or even months to show up. Get yourself checked out so you have medical evidence establishing that you were in fact injured due to the accident. If you don’t, the insurance company will simply argue that you obviously were not injured because you did not seek medical attention.
    8. Call and tell us what is going on – we won’t charge you.
      Call toll free at (888) 888-2535. We are available to you 24 hours a day and we won’t charge you for the call or consultation. If it sounds like you have a case, we will pay for the case expenses and you won’t even see a bill from us unless we win.


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