Side impact accidents (also called “T-bone accident” or “broadside collision”) occur when a car hits another car on the side- creating a shape similar to the letter “T”. This type of accident can happen anywhere. It could happen in an intersection when a vehicle is trying to make a turn and is then hit by another vehicle trying to catch the light or run the light. These accidents can also occur when a car fails to stop at a stop sign. An example of a T-bone accident where the car colliding is the actual victim would be when a vehicle fails to yield and cuts in front of a car that has the right of way.


Seatbelts and airbags have saved countless lives and are there to protect us from front and rear-end car accidents. Another barrier of protection is the actual car itself. The bumpers, trunk, engine and steel body of the vehicle all help in making sure our bodies absorb the least amount of force possible in the event of an accident.

Unlike a front or rear end car accident, the only thing between a passenger and another vehicle is the door. The point of impact can occur on the front or back driver side of the vehicle, as well as the front or back passenger side. Unfortunately, the person closest to the impact will absorb the force of the accident and can be left seriously injured or worse. These types of car accidents are incredibly dangerous and often deadly because a side impact collision will expose a person much more to the impact of the crash and the force of the accident will be absorbed by the victim’s body.

Even though side impact accidents are not the most common type of car accident, it still produces more deaths than rear-end accidents and head on collisions combined. These car accidents kill between 8,000 – 10,000 people per year. With Federal side impact safety standards seeming outdated and ineffective for today’s automobile design, car companies are taking action by researching, developing and installing safety devices to protect against side impact collision. Side curtain airbags are a good example of added protection that has already proven to save lives. Unfortunately, side airbags still do not come standard in all makes and models.


Because of the small amount of protection separating a person from a vehicle in a side collision, the injuries sustained in these accidents can be quite serious and even fatal. A side impact car accident can cause a head injury, ear injury (from the airbag or broken glass), neck injury, back injury, shoulder or arm injury, rib injury, hip injury or leg injury. The severity of the injuries can depend a lot on the amount of damage done to the car. In situations like a higher speed collision or side impact by a larger car with a higher bumper, the chances of the passenger cabin being penetrated increases and so do the odds of a fatal car accident.

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