The major cause of injury in business, home and work premises is carelessness or negligence on the owner’s part. Most times failure to pay attention to simple safety practices result in injuries which can turn out to be very fatal. In West palm Beach, Florida there are various premises liability lawyers and law firm who advocate for victims of injuries sustained in premises that are not safe.

Owners of properties have a responsibility to maintain a safe environment for visitors to their properties. Failure to do this will no doubt result in injuries which could have been prevented. The most common form of premise liability case is falling over a slippery, wet or dirty flour, however, more severe forms of injury may occur due to unsafe environment.

If you have sustained an injury on someone’s property, chances are you are entitled to financial compensation to cover the bills of the injury. However, you need to consult with a premises liability lawyer to evaluate your case and ascertain if you could claim damages.


Any injury sustained in an unsafe property qualifies as a premise liability case. Whether it’s an injury resulting from slippery floors or tripping over carelessly kept equipment/tools or poorly maintained tool or absence of basic safety equipment (fire extinguisher). The property owner becomes liable as long as you are able to prove that your injury was a direct consequence of an unsafe premise. Other injury cases where a premise liability lawsuit may be appropriate include:

  • Dog bite
  • Absence of adequate security resulting in assault or theft
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Release of toxic fumes of chemicals to the air
  • Fire accidents
  • Amusement park accidents
  • Elevator and stair case accidents.


Premise liability cases are usually very challenging, requiring the victim to prove that the property owner is responsible for injuries incurred. As a victim you may not be fit to acquire all the necessary materials needed to prove your case. Fortunately, West Palm Beach Premise liability attorneys have the experience and legal skill to collect available evidence and witnesses to present as evidence to the court. Their activities will go a long way to produce a favorable verdict in a premises liability case.

In order to secure premises injury settlement for their clients, liability lawyers would have to prove four basic facts to the court:

  1. That a certain condition or practice in the premises poses a severe risk of injury to visitors legally on the properties.
  2. That the property owner was fully aware of the harmful condition or practice in his/her property.
  3. That the property owner failed to put adequate measures in place to prevent the conditions and to ensure the safety of legal visitors in his/her property.
  4. That the harmful condition which was neglected led to an injury on the premises

In case of a premise injury, your first action should be getting a medical evaluation. After that, you should consult a premise liability lawyer or law firm to determine if the property owner is liable for the damages. There are many of such lawyers and law firms in Florida. Consultation is usually free, more so you’ll have a greater chance of securing financial compensation.