Cooper City, FL is a small town of just over 9,000 households in Broward County. Over 70% of the households in Cooper City consist of married couples, and the town was recently listed in Family Circle Magazine’s “Top Ten Towns for Families.” But even such a small, family-friendly community has its share of preventable accidents in public places and retail locations, such as its Embassy Lakes Shopping Center or Countryside Shops.

Slip and fall accidents are often preventable – the result of dangerous conditions that have been ignored or overlooked by a property owner (business, organization, or individual). When owner negligence is at fault for injuries suffered in a slip and fall incident, Florida law states that the owner is liable for damages. This is called a “premises liability” case, and victims can collect monetary compensation for medical bills, rehabilitation, loss of wages during recuperation, and even loss of future wages if the injury results in a permanent disability. In some cases, victims may also receive compensation for pain and suffering or even loss of companionship if a loved one is killed in a premises liability case.

To get the compensation you are entitled to after a slip and fall accident, you must be able to prove that hazardous conditions existed and that the owner was aware – or should have been aware – of the dangers, and failed to address the situation. There is a statute of limitations in Florida for accident victims to gather evidence and bring a claim against a property owner, so it is vitally important to contact a knowledgeable personal injury attorney to expedite the process and protect your legal rights.


The Cooper City slip & fall accident attorneys at Madalon Law can help accident victims and their families. We have achieved exceptional results in difficult-to-prove slip and fall accident cases throughout the State of Florida for many years, through hard work, valuable resources, and determined advocacy for our clients. Our attorneys have achieved settlements or won court cases against owners of hotels, malls, restaurants, and nightclubs; big-box retailers; government agencies; and private property owners.

Pursuing compensation for injuries incurred in Slip and fall accidents often depend upon detailed investigation and preparation of the case. Our Broward accident attorneys are knowledgeable about local, state, and federal building codes, have access to safety standards experts, and work with medical expert witnesses who can testify to the seriousness of your injuries.


If you have been injured due to such hazards as slippery flooring, loose handrails, torn carpeting, unsecured signage, inadequate lighting, or any other dangerous condition resulting from owner negligence, contact the Cooper City slip & fall accident attorneys at Madalon Law to get the legal advice and assistance you need. We will gladly answer your questions, address your concerns and explain to you the options you may have in order to seek compensation for your injuries. If we take your case, you will be charged no fees unless we recover damages on your behalf. Contact us today for more information.