Miami Slip and Fall Lawyer

Have you heard about slip and fall before? Maybe no, but it’s possible that you have gone through minor slip and fall accident. So, slip and fall is one type of accident. Accidents, an unfortunate incident, that happens suddenly and unintentionally, sometimes giving you major injuries or property loss. For example, in a car accident, one’s life may be safe, but the damage of car can bring financial loss. Suppose you are visiting your favorite shopping mart and suddenly slipped on the floor. This is slip and fall accident. Slip and fall accidents can sometimes be very harmful. There is a chance that someone leg or hand is fractured or head injury is also possible.

There are many other cases of slip and fall accidents like slipping from stairs, fall from the balcony, bath shower falls and the wet floor falls. Slip and fall accident is serious when someone faces this type of accident in other person premises. That is not your own home or office. In such situation who is responsible? In the case of major injuries, one’s job and health both are affected. It is the responsibility of property owners to take such measures that no slip and fall incidents happen in their premises. In many countries, the consequences of slip and fall accidents are paid by property owners if negligence is found in their case.

Slips and fall incidents are common in Miami. If you face such accident like slipping on unseen rud, wet floors or stairs without the grill, then you can file a case against the premise owner in case of major injury. The slip and fall lawyers will help you out after examining the circumstances you went through and legally recover your financial loss. They will identify the reasons of your injury with your help and make correct evidence for claiming your case. If the person is able to proof his injury is due to the negligence of property owners, then the Miami lawyers can help them to recover all financial loss due to this accident like medical charges, lost salary due to medical leave, permanent disability and much more.

The situation is complicated when accidents occur in a place which is part of the larger organization. Suppose accident occurred in a shop in a large multi-floored shopping mall. According to laws of Miami, the owner of the mall and the shop renter both are responsible for the loss. There are experienced Miami slip and fall lawyers who can help out such people if they provide correct statements regarding their injuries.

They are well versed in laws and regulations property owners and businesses must follow to ensure the safety of their valued guests and customers. Therefore, contact these experienced Miami lawyers as soon as possible if you, unfortunately, face such accident. Discuss with them what type of loss you suffered and what you are able to recover. The Miami lawyers take pride in defending their cases. They are strengthful, honest and will fight your case with full interest and power. They will treat you like your close friends, family member or sibling. They are firm in their profession and always willing to solve such cases. The injured only have to identify his problem with full proof so that these honest and talented lawyers can proceed to help recover financial losses which you were not responsible.

Slip and Fall on School Grounds

Ross v. Charlotte Cnty. Pub. Sch., 100 So. 3d 781, 782 (Fla. Dist. Ct. App. 2012)

This case involves a trip-and-fall incident that occurred at a school. An allegation was made by the defense which claimed that the plaintiff in this lawsuit suffered from a medical condition that helped to cause her fall.

The plaintiff in this case suffered injuries when she tripped over an exposed piece of linoleum at a school. The testimony of the plaintiff at trial indicated that she was traveling between classrooms when she encountered the issue with the flooring, causing her to fall to the ground. Following the accident, the plaintiff underwent balance training which showed that she was suffering from a vestibular problem. The testing did not state that this issue was active in the plaintiff at the time of the fall; however, the defendant claimed that it was a pre-existing condition and the actual cause of the plaintiff’s fall.

At trial, there was no evidence presented by the defendant to demonstrate that the condition existed with the plaintiff prior to her fall. In fact, there was evidence put on by the plaintiff to show that the plaintiff did not suffer from this condition, or any medical problem, before she fell down. The defendant simply alleged that the vestibular balancing problem found in the plaintiff “could” have contributed to her fall.

The court found that the defendant did not properly present a hazard analysis which showed that the plaintiff was partially at fault for her injuries. As such, a verdict was found in her favor for the damages she incurred from her injury.

Generally, the phrase ‘slip-and-fall’ is what people use when describing an accident involving person falling down and injuring themselves on another’s property. This term covers many types of falling down accidents, including when a person slips and falls, steps and falls, or trips and falls. The definition of a slip and fall accident is any occurrence on another person’s property where an individual’s footing is lost, they fall down, and are injured as a result.

These types of lawsuits occur regularly, and many times it is determined that an alleged responsible party is not actually liable. Premises liability is the law that governs these actions here in Florida. When a property owner, or an operator of a business, does not maintain the property so that their patrons or guests are safe, they may face claims of negligence. It is the job of the business owner to quickly resolve issue of hazardous conditions. If a hazardous condition exists on the property, and the business owner was aware, or should have been aware of its existence, and did nothing to repair the issue, any person who suffers an injury because of the condition can hold the business liable.

In the above case, it was clear to the court that the exposed piece of linoleum posed danger to those who walked by it. The jury determined that in fact the school should have known about the hazard as these were hallways regularly traveled by many people. The fact that the school did nothing to repair the problem made them liable to the plaintiff for her injuries.

If you’ve been injured on school grounds and feel it was due to the negligence of the property, contact the Fort Lauderdale slip and fall lawyers of Madalon Law for your free consultation.