Pompano Beach lies just north of Fort Lauderdale along the Atlantic Coast and is home to over 100,000 residents. As a part of the Miami Metropolitan Area, Pompano Beach is a popular place to live and to visit, drawing a large number of visitors during the winter months. Following years of redevelopment projects to revitalize the beachfront and the historic downtown area, as well as community development endeavors, Pompano Beach has a thriving business district and many malls and shopping areas to meet the needs of the city’s growing population.

When businesses grow and more shopping centers, transit stations, and other properties are being visited by larger numbers of people, Slip and fall accidents are bound to occur. If you have suffered an injury at a Pompano Beach Publix, the Isle Casino, the Pompano Citi Centre, hotel or any other business or property in Pompano Beach, you may be able to pursue a premises liability case against the owner of the property to receive compensation for your injuries.


Slip and fall accidents are caused by hazardous conditions on someone else’s property. According to Florida law, property owners are required to maintain their properties adequately to ensure the safety of visitors or customers. Dangerous conditions indoors or outdoors can be the cause of injury, making property owners liable for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses. Slip and fall attorneys can help victims of this kind of accident determine if there are a premises liability case and the best way to proceed to protect their rights and receive damages.

If you have suffered an injury – or a loved one has been injured or killed – due to such hazards as torn carpeting, uneven flooring surfaces, liquid spills, missing handrails, inadequate lighting, cracked or pitted sidewalks, or uneven steps on commercial, residential, or public property, you may need the services of a Pompano Beach slip and fall attorney. The premises liability lawyers at Madalon Law have years of experience in handling Slip and fall accident cases, and getting victims the compensation they deserve.

There is a limited time period in which to bring premises liability claims in Florida. You need to take legal measures quickly in slip and fall cases, to preserve evidence, find witnesses to the accident and/or the hazardous conditions, and to investigate the accident thoroughly. Prompt attention to your claim will ensure that issues of liability, causation, and damages are thoroughly evaluated, and a strong case can be built against the negligent property owner.


To know if you have a case, contact Madalon Law for a free consultation and speak with one of our Pompano Beach slip and fall attorneys. Our goal is to explain the law, answer your questions and go over the options you have. Our offices are based in Fort Lauderdale and we fight for the rights of accident victims throughout the State of Florida. We will protect your legal rights and help you receive the justice you deserve.