The city of Weston is a master-planned suburban community located near the western edge of Broward County. With a population of over 65,000, a median family income of well over $115,000, and impressive job growth statistics every year, Weston encompasses many high-end residential neighborhoods and a diverse corporate, commercial and retail environment. In the various businesses, corporate offices, and public spaces in and around Weston, Slip and fall accidents may happen at any time.

When a property owner – whether a business, an organization or an individual – fails to keep their premises safe and free of hazards, Florida law states that they may be legally held liable for any injury or wrongful death that occurs as a result of that negligence. The attorneys at Madalon Law can assist you or a loved one who has suffered such an injury in a slip and fall accident. Our Broward injury attorneys have successfully gained financial compensation for our Weston clients injured in Slip and fall accidents.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a slip and fall accident in Weston Town Center, Shoppes at North Lake, Weston Lakes Plaza – or any other business, public area, or private property in Weston, FL – the lawyers at Madalon Law can pursue a premises liability claim for you. Our team will examine your claim, gather witnesses and evidence, obtain medical records and expense statements to assess monetary damages, and help to determine the liability of the property owner according to Florida premises liability laws. If we are unable to reach an equitable settlement with the property owner, Madalon Law is fully prepared to take your case to trial to protect your rights and get you all of the compensation you are entitled to.


Slip and fall accidents may occur when there are hazardous conditions in areas where visitors may be present. Property owners must maintain their properties sufficiently – and provide adequate cautionary signage and lighting – to prevent injury to visitors and customers. Hazardous conditions may include slippery flooring, uneven surfaces, poorly maintained stairwells, insufficient lighting, missing or loose handrails, or many other dangerous situations.


Consequences of slip and fall accidents may range from soft tissue damage and abrasions to serious head trauma, spinal injuries, or even death – and significant expenses such as medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, or funeral costs if a wrongful death occurs. No matter the severity of your injuries, Madalon Law’s Weston slip & fall attorneys will fight diligently to get you all of the damages you are entitled to in your premises liability case.


If you believe you have a premises liability case and want to bring a negligent property owner to justice, contact our office and speak to one of our accident attorneys about your case. We will gladly answer your questions and go over the options you have in order to seek the compensation you deserve. Our consultations are free and we will not bill you unless we win your case. Our personal injury firm is based out of Fort Lauderdale and we fight for the rights of the injured throughout the State of Florida.