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Slip & Fall Attorney

Slip, Trip and Fall – Do You Have a Case?


Slip & Fall Attorney

Slip & Fall Attorney

The general perception that slip & fall accidents are really due to the negligence of the “victim” are wrong. When people hear “Slip & Fall”, they tend to picture someone who may have fallen due to their own carelessness and is now trying to seek a quick payday. The property and/or business owners (the party that would be held responsible) are counting on this misguided public perception to discourage someone from looking deeper at why they just fell and injured themselves. Slip, trip and falls are due to more than just liquid spills and banana peels. Even though a slippery surface is dangerous and can cause serious injury, it is only negligence on the property owner’s part if there was reasonable time to pick up the spill and nothing was done about it. Another very common, but much more subtle cause of a slip and fall is design flaws on the property. There are building codes in place to provide a safe walking area for people on a property. Even though property owners are aware of this, many of them choose not to make the required renovations or changes in order to meet safety standards. This laziness on their part not only puts people at risk, but is also a building code violation and shows negligence on their part. Some of the more common building violations include Handrails that don’t meet requirements, Interior and exterior surfaces that are not leveled (creating a tripping hazard), an obstruction within the entrance-way, an uneven ramp or stairways with no landing (the flat surface at the top of the stairs that someone stands on). There is a reason why you tripped and fell. When climbing up or down stairs, it seems like we can mentally go into autopilot. We know the steps are there and once we’ve determined the movement needed for the next steps, we just go. This is one of the reasons there are very strict construction and design guidelines that must be met when building stairs. There has to be a consistency with the depth of the steps and each rise of the next step. This “flow” in design is called Dimensional Uniformity. An inconsistency in the flow of the design is not just a code violation, but a tripping hazard for anyone that may not notice one step is a little shorter or higher than the others. Keep in mind that these guidelines are enforced because those one or two inches do make a difference and have been proven to be enough to make someone lose their balance. Why you need legal representation. There are generally two defenses that property owners will take in a slip and fall claim. The first is to show they were not negligent. If the fall was due to a slippery surface then they will claim that it happened moments ago and they did not have time to clean it up. The second will be to show that the person who was injured was actually at fault due to their own carelessness. Read more

Personal Injury Lawyer

At Madalon Law, You Are More Than Just a Personal Injury Case

Personal Injury Case in Florida

Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer

At Madalon Law, we appreciate our clients and recognize they are a person and not just another personal injury case in a folder. We realize the last thing you need during your pain and suffering is a Personal Injury Lawyer that keeps you in the dark. We will be using this blog to give you a better understanding of how the law works.

The Madalon Law Firm represents the injured, the wronged and the taken advantage of. We give voice to the people who have suffered due to no fault of their own. Every day, all over the world, people suffer preventable personal injuries, dismemberment, even ‘death as a result of another’s negligence’. Once an injury is suffered your life may never be the same and it’s not even your fault.

Our Mission is to serve our clients’ needs as if their needs were our own. To use every tool of justice to bring resolution to whatever wrongs have affected our clients’ lives. To always be ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen. Whether a corporation cut corners to maximize profit, a store employee was too lazy to clean up or a driver was in a hurry – you and the ones you love suffer, but you should not have too. The Madalon Law Firm will use the law to fight for you.

Why Madalon Law?

We represent people not corporations.

We treat each case as if it were our own.

We risk our own money to fight for our clients.

We do not back down.

We do not walk away from a battle.

We are not intimidated by large corporations and will take cases to trial.
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