Fort Lauderdale, Florida has been reputed far and wide for its epicurean delights and fun-filled activities relating to boating and sailing or unwinding on the beaches covered with soft talcum sand. While vacationing in Fort Lauderdale, there are a lot of other situations that you should be aware of other than just tour guides, dining and recreational places for your enjoyment or business affairs. Accidents can happen almost anywhere – while you’re out trekking or sand-surfing, or while you’re staying over at a hotel or resort too.


While most hotels in Fort Lauderdale do take notice of the accidents or injuries that concur on their expenses, it is best if you stay aware and assure yourself of any negligence on their behalf by hiring a hotel accident attorney. With the help of a hotel accident attorney, you can be at ease knowing you are taking the right steps to get the compensation you deserve for your accident and injuries.

  • Poor Illumination Leading to Falls
    • Usually hotels are equipped with adequate lighting, but there are times when the lobbies, bathrooms or the pool areas lack apt illumination and thus, make it difficult for the guests to maintain their balance leading to awkward and clumsy falls and repeated tripping over objects lying on the ground. You can fall down on the concrete flooring or on ceramic tiles and hurt your head or other parts of the anatomy.
  • Vandalism and Violence
    • Booking into a hotel based on the reviews will always provide you an insight of security measures and maintenance. However, at times, adversities relating to assaults or violence with the hotel employees and other guests as well. The hotel’s reputation can talk a lot about vandalism and violence, and also of the nature and courteousness of the employees and the gentry of guests.
  • Auto Accidents
    • While valet parking is a breeze, it can also lead to automotive accidents due to poor lighting, bumpy routes or negligent attitude of the drivers. While this can happen with a self-driver as well, this points towards the hotel’s mismanagement and their lack of maintenance towards the prevention of auto accidents.
  • Swimming Pool Accidents
    • While you’re having fun swimming in an unsupervised swimming pool at a resort, you may get hurt due to a lot of reasons such as electrocution or other accidents relating to the feat of other guests such as diving and jumping leading to cervical or spinal fractures.
  • Sports-oriented or Animal-oriented injuries
    • While most resorts do not allow pets private resorts, there are many that still do which could lead to the inconvenience of other guests if the animals react wildly. Also, since many resorts offer horse-back riding and scuba diving feats as well, there are many chances that the rider may fall off due to a horse losing control.
  • Miscellaneous Indoor and Outdoor Injuries
    • You can also face a trauma at the hands of malfunctioning elevators and escalators while you’re indoors or confer injuries within open manholes or construction site pits and other jagged materials outside the hotel veranda as well.


Fort Lauderdale not only provides you rehabilitation and rejuvenation on a vacation but also provides you to ensure safety while you are at it. Depending on the situation, many hotels and resorts in Fort Lauderdale do offer tons of measures that help you get through expenses and claims of likely injuries at the terms of the hotel, but many hotels do nothing to provide you help for your concerns.

While your health insurance or travel insurance provider might cover half of your legal expenses and claims towards injuries at the hands of hotel mismanagement, many tourists won’t be aware of reasonable reasons to get insurance while vacationing. Many hotels in Florida under the Florida Statutory Law have to take care of the guests who have been injured due to slips and falls at the hotel’s expense.

However, there are several situations which may provoke the authority of the hotel’s management and the liability towards the efforts required for adequate maintenance, many injuries may look provocative and would be in the favor of the guest’s lack of self-safety itself.


If you are facing a problem related to an accident that occurred at a Fort Lauderdale hotel or resort, the Broward accident attorneys at Madalon law are here to help.  Our Fort Lauderdale hotel accident attorneys will answer your questions and go over the steps needed to receive proper compensation for your injuries.